• No, there's a teriyaki place here in town called Hungry Ninja. They know me by name, and if they don't have fried rice ready to go they start making some as soon as they see me.
  • Sad, no. Kind of monotonous, yes. In either way of looking at it, it's helpful professionialism that seems to be totally lacking in the world today (especially the food service industry). And no, I don't mean every, single restaurant everywhere, but a high percentage of them.
  • You are a regular customer. The only time I would be unhappy about this situation would be at the car repair shop.
  • No, It is great. I love to be a regular in places where the staff knows me. I love the relationships, the service, and the chance to see people grow. Your accountant may not feel the same way though.
  • Kind if. I think it is sad that you can't or don't know how to make simple meals you like at home. Or that you don't' have anyone that will cook for you more. It's also so expensive to eat out or take out all the time. And don't you get tired of the same food all the time? Isn't' there a nice non-chain restaurant you like? Or do you just like eating at home.
  • no tubby, it doesn't. You probably tip well, and they do use computers to keep track of license plates.
  • They use to know my name and order at the Outback Stakehouse down where I live, so I could just sit down get a drink and my food was already being made... but I stoped going for awhile because a new manager came and the food got all... ick.
  • My favorite restaurant knows my voice. All I have to say is Hi & they call me by my name & even know what I'm going to be ordering. IMHO, it shows that you're a good & valued customer!!!
  • The two for twenty deals are too good to pass up.

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