• i'm not. the rule seems a little weird, but i guess it really bothers some people. i suppose it's an easy change to make some kids less uncomfortable about receiving criticism. that's good, right??
  • I got beat up by a gang of red markers in an alley as a kid. The red mark ban is really a bad idea. People see a red mark, and they feel bad. That's because teachers have been using red marks forever. I use read marks to indicate errors I make at work. Now that people associate "red" with bad, it could hurt someone's ego. If we start using green, in a few years, people will associate green with bad, we'll have to ban that.
  • Can you say "micromanagement"? What about banning state testing that causes 8 and 9 year olds to be so stressed they become ill. Priorities people....priorities.
  • It's easy to understand that some students prefer other color pens that don't look as harsh on paper, but let's be realistic. If a kid makes a mistake, he or she should recognize that. While green pen isn't a huge deal, if we keep sheltering kids from "the real world" and making everything "safer" and "better" for them, are they really going to benefit? More than likely, they'll just learn to think less of their mistakes and worry less about fixing them. We can't create a euphemism for all of life. I don't mind if teachers like to grade in green or purple or orange, but making it law is pretty ridiculous. Generations have dealt with red pen before, so there's no reason one kid should be scarred for life by having to face their mistakes.
  • i think its a little over the top. red is just a color. and it helps distinguish from all the other colors the students write with. students write with blue or black ink so when the papers get corrected the red stands out.
  • I am not afraid of any color of ink. I'm more afraid of politicians that make ridiculous laws such as that.
  • No, not at all!
  • I knew they were discussing it, but never knew it was a policy in "many" states. Can I have a source for that?
  • That is ridiculous, and I am not afraid of red ink.
  • I guess red is the color of blood and anger and war, so they feel we shouldn't subject our children to that. They should change those damned poinsettias too. Red wine should also be banned, along with the sunset.
  • I'm not afraid of red ink, but I don't use red pens to grade papers. I was taught in my college education classes that red connotes negativity, especially in older students who have been seeing red grading for a long time. I like to grade papers in vibrant colors like pink, green, and purple. I may be wrong, but I really don't think any states have banned the use of red pens, however.
  • No, but that is really f*ing stupid.
  • No, I actually don't mind red ink. The thing I hate is sharpie. Arggh! I think the red makes a mark. It's clear but at the same time, it's not outrageous. It is easily noticed from a blue/black pen but I think that idea is outrageous!
  • No, that's ridiculous
  • No !! And that is totally ridiculous ! An answer is either right or it's WRONG no matter how you try to sugar coat it !
  • I'm an educator and I've never heard of it. I like the red pen because it is the first color you see and it allows you to focus on your mistakes. Its good to focus on your accomplishments as well, but correct your wrong answers.
  • never, it's a fact of life.
  • Are you serious??? What harm can red ink do? I'm at a loss for words....
  • Who says they have? Supply a source, please. The only place I know of where red pens are banned is a primary school in Smethwick, England.
  • Ehhh alright that's stupid. I mean the red pen does seem a tad harsh when you see it on the paper, but the words the pen says are far more of value. The red stands out, your mistakes are easily seen and hard to just pass over. Your accomplishment seems more hardcore in a loud color too.
  • That is ridiculous. I was graded with red on my papers and came out just fine, even with more red than black on some papers.
  • I don't think it should be banned but I probably wouldn't use it myself if I were teaching. I hate getting back a test with lots of red on it. It looks so negative.
  • I am afraid you have asked an incorrect question. Please name three states which have passed such laws.
  • I knew MANY teachers who refused to use red ink to grade. Personally I prefer green just as noticable without the negative connotations.
  • Now, wait a minute. Are you suggesting that EVERY TEACHER in EVERY CLASS must submit EVERY PAPER of EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY to the school principal for approval of ink colour BEFORE returning the papers to the students? . Do you realise what you've said? How else could the ban be enforced? And wouldn't that require the principal to send 188 hours every day just inspecting the marked papers for contraband red?
  • Oh puhLEEZE. Are you serious, this is truly illegal in some states? lemme know which ones so I, a teacher, can be sure NOT to move there.

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