• I have bought all ages - but prefer newer cars with transferrable warranties! From 2 to 5 years is really best in terms of not having to pay for repair after repair, and recalls are usually over and done with, the cars have been rated by Consumer Reports, and Car & Driver, etc. My last car was 18 years old, and gas mileage is HORRIBLE.
  • I'm just waiting for jerv's answer here... but for me it's always new. Maybe I'm lucky that we can afford to buy new cars instead of used, but you get to customise them as you wish, pick out an exact model, get a new, fresh warranty, choose from different dealers, and take as long as you want to shop around. With used there's one car that has the options you want, you have no idea how it was driven or maintained, and it may have some underlying problem they don't tell you about. Just more pluses.
  • Usually 14 years old, though I have gone as old as 17 and as young as 12.
  • 1962 to 1968
  • As new and with the lowest mileage possible that is NOT a brand new car.

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