• Yes, indeed! I've done so at this present location for over two decades. It's the only shift I like...there's no office bickering to deal with.
  • I spent a long six months working eleven hour shifts as the overnight cashier at Walgreens. It was mostly good times. I even had time to draw a comic called "the graveyard" about customers.
  • Been there done that - I was a operator at the hospital 7-7 and I really like it - All the big bosses were gone for the night -- Hello Wickels
  • Yes. I love it actually. Very few people to deal with.
  • I work 3rd shifts at a hotel, and I wouldn't want to work any other shift now.. It is peaceful and quiet most of the time, I get my work finished and read, watch tv, surf the internet, go home take my teen son to school, sleep from 8 am to 230 pm get my son from school then i usually nap from 8-930 if i dont squeeze that nap in, Im in bad shape, amazing how an hour and a half can make such a difference....
  • My wife does,for the last 6 years.She retires 1/1/09.It'll be nice to have her back - I see her on SA night and SU morning only - the key to a successful marraige?
  • No way, I did it now and then while in Nursing school but I'm not a night owl. Thank you to all of you out there who work overnight, that's a tough shift.

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