• I don't, but I know a lot of people who do. A lot really.
  • I personally, have not had a land line in over 3 year. Everybody that I know and have lived with in the past, have owned a cell phone, so what's the need for a land line?
  • Me and my live in BF both only use our cellphones it is alot more convient to get ahold of eachother this way! Since I moved out on my own I have never had a land line
  • LOL... I'm getting rid of ours at the end of the month! I just can't see paying for two cellphones and a landline WE NEVER USE!
  • I have both and intend to keep one land line There are times when the cel cannot get a signal, or a battery might be dead, or it might get lost or broken. The land line is dependable and not much a month at all. Plus with the land line I don't get dropped calls in town or long distance, and I get unlimited long distance calls ANY TIME day or night 7 days a week for only $20. a month. No cell phone company can match that.

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