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  • Salvia Divinorum Read all about it though.
  • exercise is the best non-addictive high there is.
  • Datura. But dont even think of using it. You just blackout and go around doing things like a zombie and you wakeup somewhere not knowing what happened.
  • Your questions all deal with drugs. are you a drug addict?
  • Yah...Salvia for sure.....or have you tried mushroomz?
  • The very best high that exists -- much better than any drug -- is being yourself fully, and being fully alive. Most of us only get rare glimpses of this; that's a tragedy. People become addicted to all sorts of things which provide a cheap imitation of this joy: sex, intoxicants, power, success, popularity, entertainment... but in the end, when we pursue these weak pleasures too aggressively we end up like Keith Richards: strung out, ugly, and snorting our ancestor's ashes :) The real question isn't "how can I feel good?", it's "what is preventing me from feeling?". If you strip away the layers of insulation, what's left over is powerful stuff. And to do that, learn something about awareness: what it is, what it's good for, how to produce it, and how to maintain it. Awareness lights the road to being fully alive, and therein lies the solution to the problem that drugs can't really touch.
  • A natural high? Visit a natural park and be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Help out at a homeless shelter, and get high on the greatful smiles of the homeless when you show a genuine interest in them. There's plenty of ways to get 'natural highs', but it often requires selflessness, instead of selfishness. Unfortunately it's the latter that gets people to get high on 'unnatural drugs'.
  • exercise... when you exercise your brain releases endorphins which gives your body a natural high...
  • For me it's the adrenaline rush I get from things like paragliding, bungee jumping, riding crazy ridea at an amusement park...stuff like that is a real high!
  • Besides pussy,I am totally addicted to fly fishing.Pitting my wits against a fish which should be stupid,but still manages to defeat my best efforts,just makes me try that much harder.Being outside in the fresh air is just icing on the cake.HELL YEAH!!
  • Ill say this, you should like you are goin to do drugs no matter what anybody says, I would advise go out with some good mates, dont drink liquor and take a small bottle of water with u and drop a weak xtc pill. Very fun. Dont take more than one, when it wears off, go home.
  • salivia & hookah... Seriously for me personally hookah is better than pot, but that's me. or you can have sex, preferably safe sex... :)
  • Sex. Riding motorbikes very fast. (But first learn how to ride them slow, and in the dirt. Make all your mistakes at low speed in the hope that you won't make any bad ones at high speed) Exploring, discovering. The most exciting time of my life was learning how to program computers. (Also very frustrating because I knew I couldn't tell anyone because I'd just bore them and they wouldn't understand. Also very frustrating because sometimes it would take six months to learn something I could've been told in five minutes, if only I had a good teacher.) Bush bashing ( with motorbikes or cars).
  • Life's too short for drugs. No matter how old you are, you'll always be able to chuck a beer down your throat or roll a smoke but some things are better attempted when you're young (motorbikes, parachutes, horse riding etc). Leave all the chemicals for when you're old. Might help you endure any natural distortions (senility, alzheimers ...)
  • being one with nature (the beauty of the mountains, lakes, rivers...) internet (answerbag could be pretty addicting) eating chocolates =)
  • If you are looking for something to make your heart beat faster, your hands sweat, and knots in your belly, try acting in front of a few hundred people. If you are good, the symtoms go away and you'll feel good about yourself.
  • try adrenalin & endorphins ... a little training in Taoist meditations will allow you to develop a deep internal self control, deep enough to have a conscious control over glandular secretions ... ... check these four pages ...
  • i can tell u from experince that x is fun as fuck...but ther is a natural alternative it caled xtz it sold on the internet and its makes u feel almost exactly like u would feel on real x
  • Honestly I think it's more personal. I never got high from doing a lot of things people say give you a high. I know this because I've been on both sides of the fence so to speak. I've done drugs and I've worked out a lot. It all depends on YOU really. It also depends on what you consider to be "natural". If exercising realeses endorphines and you're trying to use it as an excuse for a natural high then it's really not since endorphines are chemicals. In fact everything you consume and almost everything you are is chemicals, but I'm getting off subject. My best answer to your question would be to try anything and everything that wouldn't kill you immediately (and I say immediately because we're all going to die eventually and in this way we're all dying already) at least once.
  • i sometimes drink a warm cup of ginseng tea a half hour before i go to sleep. the result has been fantasitic dreams.
  • No matter what anybody says drugs will not help you out. I know this from experience its only an artificial happiness which just makes you feel bad later. I have taken ecstasy three times among other things and what i learned is that you will never know whats in them. I remember the last time i took ecstasy it felt like a different high than the first two and the next day i had ALOT of huge muscle spasms all over my body. It was ridiculous and really scary . They eventually calmed down a little bit but i still get them still quite excessively to this day (the day i took that ecstasy pill was about 2 years ago). I completely regret the whole drug phase I went through. Trust me it is definitely not worth it. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont listen to that anonymous comment you got "Ill say this, you should like you are goin to do drugs no matter what anybody says, I would advise go out with some good mates, dont drink liquor and take a small bottle of water with u and drop a weak xtc pill. Very fun. Dont take more than one, when it wears off, go home." Going into drugs is a very curious thing which is why I went into them. Im not trying to sound like a hypocrite or anything like that but I just wish I never went into drugs. Especially ecstasy. That is probably one of the worst, unhealthiest, toxic drugs around (other than meth and heroin etc.) but it is definately not worth it. It has a really good high but it is so fucking bad for you. Please if you decide to do it which i hope you dont, research safe ecstasy use. And lsd, A few of my friends said it fucked them up for like even up to a couple months later. They said that when they looked at a large cement area it would look like liquid after staring at it for a few seconds and stuff like that. Anyway, I highly reccommend you to not do any kind of drugs even natural drugs like shrooms. Please preserve your life without intoxicating it. Id listen to stableboy. P.S. I just realized that you asked this question on here about a year ago. So yeah sorry for answering so late. Anyway goodluck.
  • Marijuana. The best natural high. Or cocaine but that's not really natural after all the people it passes through cut it LOL
  • Have you heard of a drug called dexies. There a prescription drug, not illegal. you kind of get that feeling when on ecsasy but more chilled, and you are up all night talking and expressing real feelings which is great.If you do them take 3 at once and save maybe 1 for later when you are coming down (that one pill does make a difference). It will take bout 40 minutes to kick in and then you start loving absolutely everything. But doing weed n pills n all the other drugs are still awesome but i would reccommend doing pot or dexies for first time
  • The previous suggestion regarding Adrenalin and Endorphines is a good choice that I would consider. If you are lacking the time to go thru the Taoist thing, I find that the thrust from a good motorcycle at full throttle works for me. I also enjoyed working an ambulance. Both are 100 times better than any ride at 6 flags.
  • get your self really tired and drink a little bit V

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