• I think this is one of the most basic fears. I would have to say yes, in that respect. Opening up oneself to another person is a big risk, because you could be betrayed or laughed at, or the person may not share the same feelings as you. But, at the same time, if you do not risk at some point, you will not experience love or friendship.
  • Sure, most of the time. I do like things to be in a way where I have control so that I can make for a secure environment. There are other times, though, when being vulnerable can be fun. It can add to the excitement of the situation. Well, if your into that kind of thing...
  • sometimes, depends on the situation
  • No, being vulnerable is a deeply important part of the human experience.
  • In certain ways I am vulnerable and I might be afraid depending on what it is that makes me an easy target. When I am in the presence of strangers out in public I am careful who I communicate with. Some people can be forceful in nature so I distance myself from them. I have been scammed a few times before when I received certain text messages and I responded which I should not have done. It’s thinking back on it that I realised it’s the person who is scamming that is the problem and not me. I was foolish at the time to respond to the text. I was bullied both physically and mentally when I was younger and I have ignored people like that for a long time now. I could easily be bullied again because I’m still vulnerable in certain ways. It’s hard to explain what I’m trying to say.
  • I'm always on my guard.

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