• As one who attended single sex high school, I see single sex education as having many benefits that a co-ed schooling does not. The atmosphere is quite different. There is less attention seeking behavior because there is less inticement to show off. It is more relaxed in someway because there are no girls to impress. Competition is limited to academics and sports. Students are able to better focus on their lessons because there are less influences to seduce one's attention. Single sex schools affords their students the opportunity to mature at a slower but more thorough manner. Boys do take longer to mature than girls, so the single sex enviornment allows the boys to be themselves and grow at their own pace. Communication between faculty and students appears to be more straightforward, simple, and direct. Finally, the distance or seperation of boys from girls forces the boys to be more aware and respectful of the differences between the sexes when boys and girls do come together.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I don't think segregation encourages equality, Orso. If you think it does, I would be interested to hear your point of view on it.
  • 1-22-2017 Back when there were no public schools, boys and girls were educated separately and only put together for certain occasions. It is only in recent years, and mostly in public schools, that boys and girls have been thrown together with no training on how to act. The differences between public education and traditional education are striking. The Lost Tools of Learning: The Underground History Of Public Education:
  • No, I do not.

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