• Yes...I have this fetish aboiut dragons...I love dragons....dont know why...they just entrigue me..
  • I have a music room that all the instruments are in and have blank CD-Rs on the walls (shiny side showing) making big waves. I also have old drumheads along with broken drumstcks on the wall as art peices and the autographed instruments hanging on the walls.
  • I have a library. I have a lot of books. The books were scattered in many rooms before, but now, most of them are there.
  • Yes- 1500 Coca-Cola Collectables
  • I live in a log cabin but didn't want to go all cabin-y or country cutie. I lean more toward eclectic world market (Moroccan, Indian, Bali with a French country twist! lol!) So I picked out downstairs bath to be the cabin, woodsy theme. Got moose lightplates, moose and pine tree towel racks. Pine tree hooks for clothes. Bear trash can, pine branches vanity lamp and there is a touch of Adirondack woodwork on the vanity. There will be pebbles in the shower floor. I'm next going to use branches and pinecones to make a window treatment.

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