• He's orphaned, so he doesn't have one. Not much is told about Aladdin's childhood but it is assumed that he did not have any parent-like figures.
  • ababuah, i'm not sure how to spell it, but that's what they sing in the song
  • according to the 1001 Nights,Ala-ed-Din had both a mother and father,his father was a tailor.the father died first leaving aladdin to be raised by his mother. i haven t read it in quite a while but i don t remember his last name being mentioned.
  • I think he was too poor to have one.... Seriously, it is not uncommon in many parts of the world to have only one name. Also, the name Aladdin (or Ala-ed-deen) was not the original name of the character. The story was originally Chinese.
  • 1) Aladdin is listed in a compendium of one named people: So it seems that nobody there would know his name 2) "IN the capital of one of the richest and most extensive provinces of the great empire of China there lived a tailor whose name was Mustapha. The profits of his trade barely sufficed for the subsistence of himself, his wife, and the one son whom Heaven had sent him. This son, whose name was Aladdin, had been brought up in a very negligent manner, and had been so much left to himself that he had contracted many very bad habits. He was obstinate, disobedient, and mischievous, and regarded nothing his father or mother said to him." "The original story from "Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights" begins, "Aladdin was a little Chinese boy."" Source: According to usage, I think he should have the name: "Aladdin ben Mustapha" (eg " z.B. hebräisch Jehoschua Ben Joseph für Jesus, Sohn des Joseph, oder Isa Ben Myriam arabisch für Jesus, Sohn der Maria") Source:
  • Prince Ali, yes it is he, Ali Ababuwa, strong as ten regular men, definately...
  • According to Bowie----- "Sane"

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