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  • I'm pretty sure that it's the law that a male doctor is needed for those "intimate" examinations I could be wrong however
  • Ok I am not a man but I was told this story by a man…My friend was stabbed in the neck and when he was in the hospital of course they gave him something for the pain which made him a little goofy and then took him to X ray while in the there was a really cute x ray tech doing the x rays and my friend said all the sudden he heard the girl make a gasping sound and yep he looked down and had made himself a little tepee. So I know it happens often. lol
  • I think it would realy depend on the examination..... If it required the inserting of a finger into a private male opening..... I think I would prefer a females pettit finger than a mans fat knuckled monstrosity!
  • What do you mean, farting? Sure I would be worried!
  • No, I've been very at ease with female doctors in the past. And why be embarrassed?
  • It can't be nearly as embarrassing as going to the gynocologist and being told, mid-exam, that you're the first natural red head he'd seen all day!!!
  • Nah I'm sure they're used to it.
  • And that would be worse than a male doctor performing a very intimate examination? May as well pay a co-pay and have a female.
  • My primary care physician is male, but he is part of a group of six doctors, two of whom are female. A few years ago, I had a regular physical scheduled, when my doctor had to take a leave of absence for a death in his family. They told me I could still have the appointment, but it would be with one of the female partners. Since it takes almost six months to schedule a regular physical, I opted to go with the female doctor. My physical included a digital prostate gland check, and I can tell you I was never so glad to have a female doctor. As embarrassing as it was to "bend over and spread my cheeks", it was worth it to have that slim, woman's finger instead of my regular doctor's big old sausage finger.
  • Not overly worried. If it did, it would be nothing she hadn't seen a hundred times before!
  • I have a female reumatologist and a new female internist. My reumatologist is a really wonderful and thorough doctor. On every visit, she makes me strip to my undershorts so she can inspect all of my joints. On one visit, she was training a young female intern, so I didn't think she would have me strip... wrong... the three of us walked into the exam room, and she looked at me and said, take off your shirt, undershirt, shoes, socks and pants... then they both left the room... I sat there in my undershorts thinking the intern would not come back in, but wrong again... the intern accompanied the doctor back into the room and observed the entire examination. Again, this is my reumatologist, so she has never exposed or touched my genitals or rectum. My male internist recently moved away, so I chose to go with a female doctor in the practice. Until now, I saw her for some specific issues, but next week will be my first scheduled routine physical with her. She has a cute nurse as well, and I wonder whether whe will perform a testicular exam and DRE like my male internist always did. I wonder if the nurse will be chaparoning the exam. The prospect excites me. But seriously, I am more satisfied with my female doctors than I was with my male doctors. I would recommend all men consider trying a female doctor.
  • Something embarassing did happen.....the examination that is. It's invasive, but necessary. A young female doctor did mine when I was 21. 21 is young, but the prostate had to be checked since I had a Urinary Tract Infection which was unrelated to STIs, thank God. I would not have a young female doctor do the exam again. It felt demeaning and was made worse because she was, as I said, young and seemed kinda nervous, but not as bad a I was. I just would feel more at ease with a doctor, male or female, that were in their thirties or forties. That way, I'd know they've seen it all before on nummerous patients. I don't know why that would put me more at ease. It just would.
  • I recently had my routine physical, and it was my first time to do so with an attractive female doctor my age, instead of a slightly overweight balding male who was older than my father. I must admit to a bit of apprehension in the beginning, but she was so professional, and matter-of-fact, that I never had any awkward feelings about it during the testicular exam. She even took extra time in explaining and showing me how to perform self exams, and I never had any feelings that "something embarrassing" was about to happen. It was all so "medical" that we might as well have been examining and talking about my elbow. I'm in my early 30's and was told that I didn't need the prostate exam yet, but in hindsight, I was more comfortable with her doing the testicular exam than I was with my old doctor. I see no reason to think that the prostate exam would be any different. I will say that knowing I was going to have this done by a woman made me a bit more self conscious about what she might be thinking, but her mannerisms during the exam didn't lead me to even think about that while she was doing her job.
  • I think a doctor's office and'intimate' examination ranks up there with Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day in terms of excitement....:-P...
  • I wouldn't be getting an erection during a physical exam, if that's what you mean. Always bathe, deodorize, and brush your teeth before visiting the doctor. And wear a clean pair of boxers.
  • I have a female doc. She is very qualified and has performed some very intimate procedures on me. I felt perfectly comfortable having her do it.
  • sounds rather exiting to me.
  • If I got hard, big deal. It might even make her job easier.
  • NO. I have a female doctor and that would not bother me and should not bother you. Normaly the exam does not last long enough to cause an erection. If you were 20 then maybe but by the time you get DRE's you are mature enough not to be arroused so quickly. Besides if minimal stimulation causes you to become aroused would you really feel better about yourself being turned on by a man instaed of a women.
  • I dont care who you are if you're a woman and you just so happen to quiff on the table... It is embarassing no matter who your doctor is! Same if you are a man and you get a boner or fart.
  • I am a man and had my physical for the second time last wednesday. I dont necessarily like people grabbing me down there if they aren't my s/o and only with my permission. But i was worried something embarassing like me farting or something like that would happen. Didn't tho so all is good.
  • I was... But they are very clinical about it... There was no sexual "tone" at all, so nothing happened. (Fear of the embarrassment may also have contributed! LOL) And, the thing to remember is that they've had it happen before. AND, they know that it's embarrassing for you if it does. Don't be surprised if they don't say a thing about it if it does, or if what they say is to try to ease your embarrassment (whether it does or not).
  • Like...getting a big erection? Haha just think of someone or something that really turns you off.
  • I got a phone call from a girl that I had been with and she said I needed to go get tested...I got "the q-tip of doom" from a female...luckily I came back clean but no..nothing even remotely close to getting an erection over that.
  • You mean fail to write a cheque as your insurance policy co-payment?! ;-)
  • I'm not a man but surely a worse thought would be if the same thing happened with a male doctor!
  • im sure ur talkin bout a ragin hardin and hell no i think she would be flattered and i actually had to get an ultrasound of my nuts before believe it or not it was by a female and i got hard and she didnt care she acted like she liked it and i wasnt the least bit embarrased
  • I'm not a man, but there was a day I had to get an exam late in pregnancy and I had the WORST gas that day. I could just see myself passing gas RIGHT in that poor doctor's face. Fortunately, it didn't happen, but can you imagine if it did?
  • Not particularly. How many women have had to put up with male OBs? It really isn't a big deal.
  • It happens. I have had it happen before,but sometimes I get too nervous and embarrassed about what they may think for it to happen. I guess if I knew they at least enjoyed the view it would not bother me as much.
  • It would be embarrassing just letting her DO the examination in the first place! Lol.
  • I have had many procedures done by cute young women. Many of the procedures have been downright humiliating. I can assure you that the humiliation takes care of what you are afraid of. No chance on earth. For instance, there is nothing arousing about a endoscopy.
  • She's had it happen before. Promise.
  • I'm a male, I prefer female doctors, might be a stereotype but I think they are more gentle, understanding, and listen better. Also, I dont want a guy's finger up my anus or touching my genitals! As far as embarassing - I'm more embarassed that I wasn't hard. It was small/limp at the time, no matter how much I tried to get it up before she walked in the room. Do women understand shrinkage? I would have much rather been hard and had her see me at "my best."
  • No I wouldn't. Something did happen once, and I actually wasn't embarassed. During my first prostate exam, I got aroused when I pulled my underwear down, and when the female doctor inserted her finger into my anus, I ejaculated all over the floor. I apologized and offered to clean it up, but she said not to worry, someone would take care of it. She had a smile on her face and i think she enjoyed seeing it happen!
  • No, I have been examined by female urologist before and my current family doctor is a female. During my physicals, she examines my prostate, rectum for hemroids, and my testicles. It simply isn't a problem. When I was a kid, I might not have been comfortable with all that, but as I got older, (and hopefully wiser), it has become pretty normal. And no, nothing "embarrassing" has ever happened. I am assuming you mean an erection and if it were to ever happen, I am sure she has seen an erect penis before. All it proves is that all systems are working normally. Why would that be embarrassing?
  • I find the whole thought of this to be exciting... what do I have to do to get my female doctor to do such an exam on me? Admittedly, I once told my dermotologist during a nroutine skin cancer exam that I had a spot on my penis and I was concerned it might be skin cancer from a brief sun exposure on a Caribbean trip. She checked it out and said it was a freckle. But I have to admit, I enjoyed having her hold my penis in her hand and look at it. So I don't get guys (or girls) who get so riled up over being examined. Relax. Enjoy the adrenaline!
  • You talking about an erection man? Trust me I rather be at my largest then my smallest if you ask me.
  • No. I have had the doctor for a long tome. Some of her PA's or NP's cause excitment because of their youth but not anything too exessive for the office setting. Once I told a joke while the doctorwas begining her insertion and she laughed and made a reply, very funny, and as thins started to reach a climax. I just said that if the exam lasted too much longer I would need two napkins. She had a good laugh, not at my erection, not at my near ejaculation but at my humor and her funni response.
  • It's quite possible, but I'd still want a woman to do it. Any embarrassment I might feel would be nothing compared to the embarrassment of the same reaction while a male doctor is examining me :)
  • Been here, done that. Mid-50s male went for annual physical with new doctor, female late 30s or early 40s. She took my history and checked my blood pressure in her office. BP was high. Said I was probably anxious about exam and would recheck later. Pretty standard physical except mostly conducted iwth my gown off, naked. She checked everything, took about 30-40 minutes Then had me lie down on table and retook my BP. BP normal. She smiled looked at my manhood and simply said "noting to be anxious about, see you next year!".

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