• Squeeze your buttocks together and left your legs up with a book on top of them -- LOL - I'm lost now
  • Typing-Finger exercises moving your eyes- eye exercise shaking the legs- leg exercise LOL
  • Butt squeezes and leg lifts with ankle weights.
  • I sit on a couch and have a recliner chair, and yesterday found out if I push the recliner chair halfway down and let it go back up it is the same effect as the leg press.
  • You can do all those other friends have given. In addition please try the exercises that are given in the Air crafts for long journeys.
  • I have a mini exercise bike that I keep under my desk. I use it while I AB. Since I started at this site last Dec. I have lost 14 pounds.
  • i prefer the 12oz curls and one at a time potato lifting
  • GET UP, every hour on the hour and do a quick trip to the bathroom and the refrigerator. walking will encourage blood flow so your ankles wont fill up with water.
  • lock your hands together facing up behind your back and then curl your back while lifting your arms. It is good for your shoulders, upper arms, and pecs.
  • Arm Workouts: They're the best !!   While typing comments to your friends on Answerbag, use other hand to reach out .. reach in .. grasp cookie firmly .. bring to mouth .. and repeat until there are no cookies left. If you do this on a regular basis it will surely help you tone your arm muscles .. and also your face muscles :))

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