• 9 i would guess
  • I'd go with 3. Hit and an out - hit and out - hit and out. 1-2-3.
  • 3 pitches? Could be 3 ground balls to short or something like that for the inning.... It could be 1 pitch for the relief pitcher if he came in with the bases loaded and than got a thriple play. But thats not the total pitches per inning, just the totaly by the one pitcher. Than again the releif pitcher could come in and throw no pitches and get 3 outs by helping get the runners in a "pickle" situation.
  • well i guess 3 batters could piss off the ump or do something wrong and get an out as a penalty, so maybe 0?
  • 1-relief pitcher comes in with runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded, throws one pitch that results in a triple play. 2-same as above but first pitch results in double play and the next pitch results in the third out.
  • For all pitchers in an inning the answer is three: each of the batters hits their first pitch and are subsequently called out on their run around the bases. For any particular pitcher, you could get 3 outs with 0 pitches thrown. Situation: bases loaded and no outs. New pitcher on the mound, all three runners attempt to steal and in the subsequent play all runners are tagged out. No official pitches but three outs.
  • Giants reliever Keiichi Yabu just got credited with an entire inning for a single pitch. He entered the game with men at first and second, and his first pitch resulted in a triple play.;_ylt=AiqnLMC_dEI96KoohmUkOq.FCLcF?slug=ap-nlrdp&prov=ap&type=lgns
  • I'd be impressed if the answer is three. Seriously. Strikeout!
  • I can't think of a situation where it would take less than 3 pitches to get 3 outs.
  • One. An illegal pitch is ruled a "Ball" but is not counted as a pitch. A pitcher could throw 4 illegal pitches to 2 consecutive batters. There would then be men on first and second without an official pitch being recorded. The next batter could then hit into a triple play
  • The answer is zero. A relief pitcher could come in with zero outs in the inning with the bases loaded and pick the runners off 3rd, 2nd and 1st without throwing a pitch. Hypathetically he could also get the save or win at the same time. Doubt that will ever happen though.
  • 1 pitch for three outs: First pitch puts the lead off batter on base, who steals or advances to second and third without more pitches. Second batter enters the batter's box. Runner on third attempts to steal home, but the batter interfers and is called out. By rule, the runner must return to third base. Scenario is repeated twice more in the inning. 18 pitches for a complete non-rain-shortened game: Scenario above happens and is repeated again in each subsequent inning by both teams through 8 1/2 innings. First batter in the bottom of the ninth scores on one pitch. Final score, 1-0. Pitch count: 18 (9 by the visitor team, 9 by the home team)

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