• 1) I did not wonder very much about it before 2) I tried to avoid the mistakes of my parents, but probably I make my own mistakes
  • Yes.. I wonder how I would do and I can only hope to be half the parents mine were and are. They endured much because of my wild ways back then and never faltered in their love for me. I hope that if I have children.. that while I will make my own way with my children.. that I do raise them to feel as loved as my parents make me feel.
  • On rare occasions I wonder what type of parent I would make, but I do not plan to have kids so I don't expend much effort wondering about it. I think in the rare case that I would have a child I would treat them similarly to how my Mum treated me (fair but with rules), but my Dad was very harsh so I would not use his tactics.
  • I often wonder what kind of parent I'd make, actually. At this point in my life I have a niece at the tender age of 9 months who is, at the moment, fussing on my lap while I type this answer. She's helped me to learn that I have neither the patience nor energy to raise another like her, lol. I LOVE watching her grow before my eyes and discover the world around her (she's keen to shaking her head no and clapping her hands these days), but I don't know that I'd be able to have children of my own. I'm perfectly content being an aunt right now. To answer your second question, I'd teach my child the same morals that my mother has taught me and would teach him/her to be headstrong like my father. I believe that I turned out pretty well despite some of the things that I've gone through in life, so in short, yes.
  • I wonder sometimes. Generally I figure I'd be a loving and caring, but all the same massively incompotent parent.
  • Did I wonder before I had a child? No, because I honestly didnt want one until I had him. Do I treat him the same way my parents did me? I give him the same love that I got from them and I am as strict on him as they were me (until I see a crocodile tear). I wont "treat" my child differently than my parents did me. They were/are great parents.
  • I haven't ever doubted what kind of parent I would be, I had a childhood that made me know that I will do everything I possibly can to be a good parent. I may have started earlier than I should have, But that didn't stop me from giving 100% of my capability. I don't treat my children nothing like the way I was raised. I knew it was wrong and as a child I knew I would do better.I believe each generation learns to do things a little different.
  • 1. I think I'd be a great parent. I was the favorite babysitter in the neighborhood. I've always gotten along with kids and if and when my kidless status changes, I'll welcome it. 2. My father was strict and authoritarian. My Mom treated me more like a friend than a daughter. I'd be very different, provide more guidance and support than I ever received.
  • That's a really great question. 1) I do wonder what kind of parent I will be. I hope that I will be a good parent and can be patient and teach them all of the good traits about life. I hope that I can show them that the world isn't a horrible place, you just have to know where to look. But I also want my children growing up smart. Not just book smart but street and life smart too. 2) In some ways, yes I hope I do. In other ways, gawd I hope not. My father taught me tolerance and that being poor is nothing to be ashamed of. But he was also scared of everything. He is also very depressed and has been all of his life. He taught me a work ethic and how the business world works. He did the best he could with what he knew how to do. He also taught me that people aren't perfect and we have to remember that. He pretty much always treated me with respect and treated me like a princess (which is good and bad), and I hope that I can give my children a happy life too.
  • 1. I don't have kids of my own, but I did nanny with a really cool family for 5 years taking care of kids from 6 mo - 6 years old and I learned a TON about myself in the process. Basically, we tend to treat children the way were were treated. Hopefully, our parents treated us nicely then the natural instinct to repeat the pattern will benefit your family, but unfortunately, most people talk about having felt some type of shame, abuse, indifference in their childhoods. I had a very nice childhood and nice parents but they had their weaknesses like every human in the world and those weakensses were passed on without intension. I think that the most you can do, is try to challenge yourself in the ways you feel lacking as a care giver by being open to feedback from your spouse, family and friends. Some parents are offended to hear about how they could be better parents, but no one is perfect and being open to that fact can allow great change and growth. I also found that talking about your feelings helps a lot. It's ok to have angry, negative feelings at times about your kids, parents aren't superhuman that adore theri children every little second of the day. Sometimes they act a way that is not likeable. Just being really honest with a friend who can listen about how you feel during the process takes a huge amount of pressure off you as a parent. There is an excellent book about learning how to be a good parent through diving into your own childhood's experiences and unlocking the patterns you want to break. I read it and it opened up so many doors for me. I'll give you a small example of a little thing I learned that I never would have thought twice about before reading this book: 1. My mother always made us take naps even when we weren't tired, after 3years or so, kids dont necissisarily need a nap in the day. She was always tired and didn't like working at all. She also sent us to bed early (like 5pm) if we got in trouble sometimes. I remember trying to sleep when it was so bright outside and i could hear other kids laughing and playing outside. Looking back now, I can see that SHE was tired and wanted us to take naps to have a break. Going to bed early was to get us out of her hair when she didn't know how to handle us. So there was this "tired" theme in our house. This may sound like nothing, but today I really struggle with maintaining my energy level towards life. I am really protective of my sleep and am touchy about being disturbed during it. I'm always talking about how "tired" I am even when I haven't done anything that day. This limits my life and is something I have challenged a lot in my adulthood. SO when I started babysitting, I noticed that I wanted the kids to take naps when they weren't really tired. And if they didn't take fall asleep, I felt angry. Imagine that, angry because a kid wasnt tired? I didn't act out that anger but I noticed it as peculular. But I'm sure now that my mother was angry at us for the same reason even if she didn't act it, I still picked it up. So it's a facinating process to pay attention to your reactions to children's behaviors as a clue to your own feelings about your childhood. 2. I also think that there is a difference in nannying someone else's kids and caring for your own. I fullly expect that when I have my own, feelings will arise that didn't with the other kids I watched. I know I have some areas that are hard with childrearing but I also have compassion for myself in the process. Dont be afraid, just being aware that there are things you dont want to do to your kids that were done to you is a HUGE step. Awareness is 50% of the battle. Sweating through the feelings kids bring up in you is the other 50%. Good luck.
  • I never had any kids but I know I would be a great dad.
  • I am a kind of new parent. My son is 4, and I feel like its hard raising him, but I dont actually follow how my mom raised me. I try to just go with my own instincts, and by knowing whats right, and whats wrong. I hope I am doing a good job. But my son is in school, and he knows how to count, and hi ABC"S I bathe him every night, I read to him, we watch TV together, and we have outings. Like going to movies, bowling or to the park. I am a single parent, and trying my best.
  • I always wonder what sort of parent I'd make! Sometimes I think that the way I look after children I'm babysitting is the way I'd look after my own...I minded a few kids a while back full time (24/7) for a few weeks and I think I managed pretty well. I was quite strict on some issues but we did lots of fun stuff too. I enjoyed it. I worry I'd treat my children the same way my parents treated me, some things have habits of repeating themselves and behaviours we unconsciously pick up are expressed and projected onto our own children. There are certain things I *know* I wouldn't do that my parent(s)...such as smacking etc. Although I really want children one day, I wonder if I'll ever have children for fear of treating them the way I was; I'd hate to mess them up.
  • I'm trying to. My parents weren't perfect in that regard, no one is. But I honestly think they made a very good job.
  • I can do better.
  • 1) I've never raised a child. I'm pretty sure I would make an amazing mom. 2) There are a lot of things I would do the same and there are some things I would change. I think my parents are great parents. Of course, there are things about them that aren't perfect. That's true of anyone, though, including me.
  • 1 yes i do think of it often in fact i wonder how i would react in certain situations 2 no way! my dad abused me (violent) and my mum ignored me and was never interested! i will make sure my kids KNOW how loved they are and i would do all i can to make sure they are unharmed
  • 1. Of course, I think everyone that considers having children wonders what kind of parent they will be. 2. No, I would hope that my husband and I could develop a balance between spoiling and discipline, as he and I are from extreme ends of that spectrum.
  • I wonder all the time. I hope I'll be good. I know I'm going to try my @$$ off to do a good job. Hell NO, my kids are NEVER going to know the life I had to live as a child. If I have my way, they'll never even meet my parents. I'm ALMOST willing to lie to them and say I'm an orphan, but that would be wrong. I don't know how I'm going to explain it when they ask "Why don't we have grandparents?"
  • I wonder all the time. I hope the only thing anyone can ever hope - to be the best parent possible. I think I would treat any kids I have in a similar way, but with a few differences.
  • Good question. I always wonder about how I would be as a parent as I do see kids in my (possibly near) future. In some ways, I think that I'd be like my parents but certainly not in all ways as there are things that I would change about how I was raised.
  • 1. I do wonder, but I think I'll be great. I can't wait til I'm a mum. 2. I think that my parents did a great job, apart from the fact that theirs is an unhappy marriage. If things went wrong with the father I would rather get a divorce than to subject my kids to our constant bickering and nagging. I blame my parents for me being fcuked up about relationships for a long time.

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