• Men are by nature more practical. As much as modern day culture tries to make us the same there are differences between men and women. I hope that never changes.
  • They don't. That sort of thing doesn't come down to gender. I have a hard enough time getting over crushes, and I hate constantly being an exception to the rule.
  • i dont think they get over it....they have it locked and stored more deeply
  • Not all men do.
  • They don't... Men tend to get physical quicker... but they hold baggage as long as women.
  • Says who? It really depends on the nature of the relationship that has just ended. What hurts, when a relationship ends, is the feeling of loss and breach of trust (depending on how it ended) by the other person. The more you love the other person the more you trust them. When they leave, we take it as a personal attack, as a refutation of our love. How can they leave me when I love them so much? Men can be just as pained as women over such a loss. Sometimes.
  • I can become very emotionally attached so other women may feel the same -- So I myself cling on - I used to
  • I think its because there is so many women out there and so many holes to fill not enough time to fill them men are shallow and women are bitches i hate life for this!!! p's i'm a women experience is now talking

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