• I do. I want one too.
  • why doesn't everybody like the same anything. it's purely personal choice. it would be boring otherwise!
  • its just a personal thing i suppose,i sailed the eastern seaboard for two years and i still don t have a tattoo on me.i especially don t like to see tattoos on females.
  • Some look really trashy and poorly-chosen, and it's one thing to do that with clothes but tattoos are permanent. plus, one of the reasons some people get tattoos is so they can define their own body - but they do it very aggressively so people associate tattoos with gangs and really abrasive personalities, etc. Me, I like them, and plan to get one or two in my time, but some are still yuck - much like most things in life, they can be good or bad.
  • sorry..clicked twice
  • I like them and have one.
  • Some people get bad tattoos that are intimidating. Or they go overboard with tattoos to where they are covered in tattoos. I also think tattoos automatically makes some people think of Aids and diseases.
  • I like tattoos and recently got 3 stars on my right arm. Id say people dont like them cos of the diseases you can get if the needle isnt clean and some people just dont like the style of the s all down to personal taste!
  • I like tattoos on others but not on me because I love my skin very much and i dont want any sign on it.
  • I don't like them because they are permanent. I like to change so I can't stand to have the same design on me for all my life. That's boring.

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