• I think fear of cotton is called Fruitoftheloomaphobia. I don't think I have a phobia but I don't like spiders. Not to the degree I have arachniphobia but I still don't like them.
  • paper towel !!! Yuck
  • Actually, fear of cotton wool is not that strange of a phobia. I personally, however, am not a phobic person. I do not have ANY phobias.
  • Bambakomallophobia: is phobia of cotton wool..... I HATE cotton wool isthe worst thign in teh world EVER !!!!!!!!!! yeh i have it... and phoba of darkness.. but cant sleep unless its comepletly dark.. a tad hard lol
  • I hate deep water; don't know what it is called but it freaks me out. I can be out in a boat on the water as long as I don't have to go in it or look down into it. Just got goosebumps even thinking about it *shudders* I'm more of a pool kind of girl I guess...
  • Haha, my mom has that fear! I had never heard of anyone else having it. I'm deathly afraid of coming back into my room at night after I left the blinds up during the day. I am soooo afraid of seeing red eyes outside the window... If I did I would probably die instantly. {{Shudder}}
  • hi i have a massive phobia of it. i hte it.. to look and everything? when somebody mentions it i feel like crieng?? your not alone dont worry haha.. im actually getting help with it at the moment..
  • Oh ya,I agree with the paper towel or paper bag or any other kind of paper touching the mouth/tongue..thought I was alone on that one,but that just makes me cringe!
  • i dont have the phobia but i get crazy shiver spells for like 20 minutes after wards when i hear it getting pulled apart
  • my mate has it we just tore up loads of pieces and put it in his face. arthur put it in his mouth and threw it at him haha. thinking about it, it is a bit mean. we just had to do it once. and we lal have it in our nostrils we're pretty mashed sorry
  • Even reading "cotton wool...ripped apart" sends a chill up my spine. I can feel the blood draining from my face and my hands start shaking. Yes I share your aversion. My wife used to torment me by tearing the aformentioned stuff infront of me or hiding some in the bed, or in my sock drawer. We are no longer married. Mick

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