• Eh? I thought it was whats the time Mr.Wolf?
  • It's time to send out the hounds. Start running...
  • 5:15 pm. lol
  • "It's time to eat you!" I've heard it played as Mr. Fox and Mr. Wolf. *Rules for What Time Is It, Mr. or Mrs. Fox?* This game is for 3 or more players and should be played in an open area. The object of the game is to walk past Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox without getting caught. To play, pick someone to be the Fox. Everyone else should line up on the starting line. The Fox will stand about 20 feet away with his/her back turned. The rest of the players say, "What time is it Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox?" If Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox answers a time like, "It's five o'clock" players take five steps forward. If he/she answers, "It's one o'clock" players take one step forward, and so on. The players can take any size step they want. If Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox says, "It's time to eat you!" he/she turns around and chases the other players back to the starting line. If Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox catches someone, he/she becomes the next Fox.

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