• I bet you're no spring chicken either!
  • Real men love their wives AND their bodies throughout their whole marriage. Not just when she is still "hot". This question disgusts me.
  • Sorry but the question is not well posed. Men lose sexual interest in their wives for many reason, obesity is only one. But since you are focusing on weight, I will address that issue. Overweight wives are often self-conscious of their bodies, and they will attempt to cover themselves in horrid tent shirts and dresses. I personally like a little "junk in the trunk," but when a curvy woman tries to conceal her body in a tent, I find it to be a total turnoff. The reason for this is that she is saying to the world, "I don't like my body." But there is a limit to the amount of weight that i find attractive. When my wife was 150 lbs., we had lots of sex. At 185 she is not looking so good - she looks unhealthy. This turns me off. My objection to her weight does not mean that I don't love her - because I do love her. But the physical attraction is mostly gone. This troubles me more than you could imagine, because sex is important, and I am not very motivated to have sex with her at 185. I feel that she doesn't give a damn about her weight, because she has been talking about loosing weight for six years now. Bottom line: thick women are sexy, but the wife can get too thick (obese). It is not my fault that this makes her less attractive to me. I think that when a couple starts out together they are usually physically matched. When one partner's body goes south it is reasonable for the other (fit) partner to feel a bit betrayed.
  • If the woman is very clever...she will find some way to watch porn with her husband and lead it to crazed can be 500 pounds with fat jiggling out everywhere...and your husband will still find you irresistible and want to bang you 45 times a day if you have wild sexual cravings for him and make him feel appreciated...take note has nothing to do with looks, it's all about attitude...on a side note...the only women who don't like porn...are the women who are fat and ugly and have bad attitudes...
  • If the men really love their wives then it should not matter if they have gained some weight, they should always be attracted to their wives
  • Perhaps because they didn't realise that having a successful marriage depended upon them looking like a Playboy centrefold. Or perhaps because they expect their husbands to have an element of maturity.
  • You should be asking this question to yourself. Did you marry her for looks? Remember looks fade away from male and female..If she is overweight then you should suggest that both of you join a gym together and exercise. Maybe she is depressed or going through menopause..
  • lets hope she feels the sameway when you need vigra! grow up we all age and some put on weight,and lets not forget hair loss. lets hope you made her your wife for more then her looks because if you only go after looks you will dissapointed in all your relationships after a while. after we see something over and over it will lose its appeal somewhat. But a relationship built on more is a wonderfull partnership that keeps growing and learning together as they move through life. with a immature way of thinking you will end up a lone with a soggy-doggy and having to pay some young girl who can't wait to get away from that sounds promesing.
  • Aging happens to us all. You are right, I wouldn't put it down to porn, I would put it down to impotence, after all, Viagra was originally made for men. Any man who has lived with his wife for a number of years as they age together still wishes to make love to their wife because they love her, and it isn't about looks but feelings. Any man who decides he doesn't wish to sleep with his wife because she has put on a little weight is a man who needs to be single. No one is as hot as when they got married, including the beer gut, balding, impotent men, that we still love anyway.
  • maybe if he was still hot his wife would have the urge to exercise to impress him and watch that porn with him instead of getting a little heavy because the mail and the butcher man like their a woman
  • That's not always the reason...what about the man who married someone he wasn't attracted to from the get go...but didn't have the balls to say so because he needed a mother type figure in his life to meet his emotional 17 yrs. later nothing has she does without and puts up with the shit because she was married once before and her self esteem is in the shitter
  • I'd first like to comment that both the husband and wife should have the desire to make themselves as physically attractive to their partner as possible and put the effort into doing so. I want to look good for my wife. I certainly hope that if she loves me that she will also, on her own, want to look her best for me. I love my wife and value our friendship. We have been together 19 yrs. I've been extremely patient with regards to her weight gain, and i mean extremely patient. I read the subject as if the husband was actively working to keep himself in good shape but his wife is not. (before any cracks I know there are women with lazy fat slob husbands) I find it funny that every women posting a response find a way to either crack on men or still make it the man's fault. If a woman is taking care of her body I would expect that she'd be disappointed if her husband did not. To me its the lack of effort that upsets me. She will complain constantly that she is unhappy with her weight. She doesn't want me to see her naked or the lights need to be out when making love. I have to constantly worry where I put my hands on her body. And yet years and years are going by there she is watching another episode of Oprah or another H&G tv show without any work towards excersise. I've paid for joint gym memberships, bought excersise equipment. She is not physically unable to exersise or any other medical reason for gaining weight. It becomes increasingly frustrating. And yet at the same time I never dwell on her weight. Just the opposite. I've told her I love her and when she gained some I told her I still loved her. But it just keeps going with no effort to stop it. I feel as if my kindness and patience are being taken for granted as in "he still loves me so why work hard to look good". What advice do you women have for a man who is handsome and keeps himself in good shape. My wife when she is in good shape is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and I mean that. But there are constant excuses blamed on anything but her. "I didn't like that gym" "I don't like how that equipment works" I've offered any gym she wants or to go pick out any equipment. Still finds another excuse. Any thing but hard work. And ladies, it takes a minimum 6 months of really, really hard work and commitment to an excersise program before you can judge it as working or not. If not longer. You didn't get fat in 6 months don't expect to lose it that fast. There is no magic pill, nobody is going to wave a magic wand. It takes work. Signed running out of patience after years of positive support and tender loving care.
  • im a 17 year old girl and all i can say is its called "i had your god damn kids, put up with your bullshit for so-so years, put up with your over bearing mother, AND I FAKED IT !!! kiss my ass and get the hell outta my house you ungreatful bastard!"
  • I believe that men forget it works both ways. Women also require visual stimulation.Why should we be so concerned about our weight and men are not. Yes we complain about it alot and men dont even think about their weight themselves.In my realtionship I have suggested that we go to a gym or try kickboxing or something and the response I get is "not interested".So what now ?How do you tell your partner that you think that the both of you need to excersise in order to start up your sexual relationship again whiout offending him ?I think it just seems easier for him to masturbate.that way he doenst need to care about his weight or anything else for that matter.
  • When men loose sexual interest in their wives it could be several things. One, it could be that they are just getting old or it could be that they have a physiological reason, like thier health. It could be stress, it could be that they are morally corrupt and spend time looking at porn. It could be that the woman is no longer attentive or that she has put on some weight. It could be the the husband is unfaithful and is banging the chick next door, or just fantisizes that he is. It could be economic worries have made it hard for him to get turned on. In short, no one said marriage was easy. It takes two, baby. It takes, two, baby!
  • Here's the deal. A lot of times the husband is too cowardly to tell his wife the truth. Being honest about your lack of desire (for whatever reason) would be the easiest and most effective way to solve this problem. That way, whatever decision the wife makes about wanting to stay married or not to the husband is up to her. She can either change herself to fit the husbands desires, trade in the husband for a new Person that fits her own desires, or be single and free. There ya go!
  • I'm sure you're no Mr. Universe, yourself. Therefore, you need to have some tolerance for your wife if she's gained weight. I'm sure that if she didn't want to have sex with you because of your weight, you'd complain that it's her duty to satisfy your sexual needs. If you're all that bothered by her weight, then offer to go jogging with her or put some healthy food items in the cart when you go shopping. And pay attention to her. If you're ignoring her, she has no incentive to look good for you. Try a few compliments, and she will start taking more interest in her personal appearance.
  • maybe theyre in denial about stuff

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