• very very sad, sorry to hear that. explain to your 4 yr old that your baby is with jesus in heaven.
  • your child is going to ask questions, but perhaps instead of seeing it as a negative thing you have to do, see it as a positive thing in educating your child on the things that happen in life which a lot of schools do not teach. explaining that mum is sad is an important thing to do as well as they wont take it personally at that age, but a lot of children that young ask questions because they can sense something is wrong but don't yet quite understand. obviously, it is difficult to explain the WHOLE story, but i agree with above if you believe in god. if not, then answer the questions honestly but with extreme sensitivity. it will be education for them in a horrid sort of way. again, as in the above answer, sorry for your loss.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. You could tell her that the baby is sleeping with Jesus and the angels and that she is looking down over you and your 4 year old.
  • Tell her the baby got sick, and had to leave your tummy. Tell her that she is in heaven now.
  • I'm so sorry Trini girl. I'm sure this makes your loss even harder. I would explain to the four year old that the baby was needed to be an angel and so he/she is no longer in your tummy, but is now watching over the rest of the family.
  • you poor thing... i say, tell her the truth. There is nothing wrong with that! She may not be able to understand it, but you can word it in a way that you know she will. i'm very sorry for your loss.
  • tell her that god gave you the baby to care for, for a little bit of time. but when decided that the baby was not meant for the this world he called the baby back to play in his garden some more. thats what my mom told me when i was 7 when my mother lost my little brother. i have to lost a child so i know how it feels. i'm truely sorry for your lost.
  • ouch. my condolences. we had a false positive cleared up 8 hours later and even a heartless bastard like myself bawled his eyes out at the negative news after only 8 hours, I assume you were quite far along making it far worse. you can cry infront of your child but not too much IMO. my 3 year old seems to really understand the terms "go bye bye" and "no more" use those about the baby and you might be able to get him to understand. a word of warning, such simplistic terms might rip you apart inside, try and have his daddy take him out to play before you break down.
  • My condolences. I lost my 4 yr old and when my 2 yr old asked, we explained she was very, very, very.....(use alot of very's) sick. Let her know that when she sings to your tummy its okay because she is still singing to her sibling in Heaven and while she remembers her sibling, she knows how happy it made you feel. My 2 yr old, now 4, constantly talks about her sister and pretends she is still here. (Professionals okayed that.) And try not to use the term "sleeping" with the angels back in Heaven. Sleep means to awake and my 2 yr old was fearful of falling asleep, afraid she won't awake. Prayers of healing for you both. Get support and counseling, even if you do it just once.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. You have to keep telling her that the baby is in heaven now and not in your tummy, but I wouldn't push your 4 y.o. away if she still sings. Just tell him/her that the baby can hear you in heaven. I don't think a 4 y.o. will understand that the baby is gone as much as singing to your tummy has become habit. It will take just a little time to change the habit.
  • The baby went to heaven.
  • tell her the baby went to heaven

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