• Yes. Stars have a life-cycle. Hence, they begin dying the moment they are created.
  • Yeah fraid so, but don't worry it's in its stable period, will be for a few million more years. we're not in trouble yet!
  • I prefer to think of it as going (veeeery slowly) into another phase of its endless cycle of transformations from burning orb of nuclear fusion etc to the raw material for new stars to be created..
  • It depends what you mean by dying - in one sense all of are dying from the minute we are born. The sun is about half way through its "useful" life. It has another 3 to 5 billion years before is starts to "go wrong" as we would see it. Then it will swell up for a while, then coll down and, over billions more years, cool into a sort of cinder of a star. However, by the time this happens we will either have died out because we have used all the Earth's resources or found ways to travel to other stars. Either way, the only importance will be sentimental.

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