• $200 Part Time(before/after school) $350 Full Time (6am to 6pm M-F).
  • We were paying 5000NKr per month, thats about 400 pounds.
  • We pay $1600.00/month for 2 6-hour days for 3 children. That's about $10.25/hour per kid. This is a child care center.
  • In my home I make 12.5/hour for sitting and feeding a 1 year old. (In a job market with VERY low unemployment and where burger flippers make $10/hour)
  • When I was taking him it was $620.00 a month at a low cost daycare. By the way I only made $8.00 an hour plus his death benifits from Social Security. I had to quit my job because I couldn't afford it.
  • For 2 children I pay $400/month. My daycare worked out a plan since my kids are technically "full time" because they go 5 days a week but are technically only there 15 hours a week. Full time would be $560 including pick up from school fees. Still VERY reasonable.
  • $0.00 because i am childless
  • $800 for one - my daughter is in a daycare from 7am to 5pm - worth every penny due to the regulated, structured, and fun environment!

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