• That is a difficult question to answer here. I need to know what type of paper, what subject, what format, ect. However I can recommend the book Research Papers for Dummies it helps me a lot.
  • Step one: Select a narrow, well-focused topic that both interests you and for which decent research material is available. Step two: Determine the goal of your paper (to argue a particular point, to give an overview of different perspectives on an issue, to introduce people to a topic, etc.) Step three: Research your topic (learn about your topic and then take notes to help establish the goals you set out for your paper) Step four: Write a well-organized outline based on your notes. Step five: Write a rough draft from your outline Step six: Revise (again and again) your rough draft until you have a polished, logical, well reasoned paper. Step seven: Get feedback from others about your paper (use their feedback to make your paper even better). SOURCE: *
  • Pay your roommate to write it for you...
  • 2-16-2017 Use a word processor so you can correct your mistakes easily.

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