• (not an answer) here a photo of the plate Please click on the picture to see it much bigger!
  • The winged figure on the left is often thought to be a "divinized" portrait of Cyrus himself, but may also depict a protective spirit in the royal palace. The figure on the right probably is meant to portray a Persian king. He has a ceremonial dagger in one hand, a quiver of arrows on his back (it looks like a group of parallel lines) and with the other is accepting a ring of power (a crown) from the divine spirit. I wanted to thank a great specialist of persian iconography, Ms Shapero, for this interpretation.
  • If you know the answer, please let us know...
  • very nice piece of artwork, excellent, i hope we never lose the art of our past
  • Without looking at the answer I'm guessing id's of the bearded men?
  • See? The one with the fatter head is the ego, and the other one is his heart. That's how I see it. One is the Truth, the other is living just beside the Truth. Both worthy, neither in full posession. Kind of. Sort of an ongoing quest for the dagger, with no winner possible, unless they both become one ;)

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