• I have a '97 Grand Prix that did the same thing. I replaced the battery, alternator and ignition switch. Each replacement responded in two weeks of the car running well with the problem reoccuring. Come to find out is was the crank sensor causing all the problems.
  • My 1999 is doing the EXACT same thing. On another forum, I received 3 responses, all telling me that the problem is the Crank Position Sensor. Now all I need to do is find out where on the car it's located and how to replace it. Found one at AutoZone for $32.99 (regularly stocked item). Good luck with yours.
  • I am having the same problem with my 1998 grand prix SE and was told it was the Crank Position Sensor also. I had it replaced and about a week later it started doing the same thing. I had it replaced again and it is still doing the same thing. I guess the "SE" in Grand Prix SE stands for sucky engine.
  • have the same problem with my '98 GT. talked to a couple mechanics and they told me that the computer is just taking a guess at the problem when it spits out the 0335 crankshaft position sensor code. if it were the crank pos sensor then the car wouldnt start at all. they said i should check the ignition module. i havent gotten around to that yet but if you do and that fixes it let me know.
  • My 2000 GTP is doing it as well. I loose the tac and then the tcs light. At times it will even stall. I read on another forum that it's not the CRANKshaft possition sensor, it's the CAMshaft position sensor.
  • I have a 99 grand prix gr and mine stalls while driving...will not always crank back up! Ive changed the ignition module and it did it again the next day! :( now Im stuck again! this car has sooo many problems!! the lights flicker on and off sometimes go all the way out! the fan (AC & HEATER BLOWER) want work unless its on 5 Im so discusted! what to do now?
  • a fuse is blown check the fuse box and replace it if only the tach needle swivles back and fourth

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