• Here are several solutions that are rated by the degree that I feel that they are likely to work, from greatest to least: 1) using Goop multi-purpose Hand Cleaner (it should be located in the laundry aisle of the grocery store, if not ask for assistance). see website: . May want to click on "Uses" icon on site. 2) M30, another Goop-type product, but harder to find. I hear it's sold at a store called "Dollar General". Website for product . 3) try an acetone-based nail polish remover 4) try rubbing alcohol 5) try "Dawn" dish detergent 6) Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda that can be found in laundry aisle. REMEMBER time to soak and covering to prevent drying out if needed can also be a big help. That's all. I hope that one of those ideas will work!
  • Waterless hand cleaner rubbed on the stain should also do the trick.
  • Lighter fluid.

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