• You need software to translate the format. GXTranscoder v.2 is such a software: It's not the easiest to use, but it does the job. You should be aware that compressing from one compressed format to another can result in quality loss. Also, some file formats are licensed, and you might need to download a plug-in converter for it to work with GX Transcoder.
  • As a general note on the issue of converting one audio format to another... All but a couple of the audio formats use lossy compression schemes. In the process of creating a 128 kb/s MP3 file from the CD source, for example, about 90% of the program material is discarded. This material cannot be recovered. This loss is quite noticeable on a good audio system, though most portable devices and computers do not have a good enough playback system to hear the magnitude of the loss. If you convert a file stored in one lossy compression format to another, you will always get a noticeable reduction in the audio quality. This is worse for music encoded at low bit rates (e.g., 128 kb/s) than it is for higher bit rates (e.g., >= 256 kb/s). The more times the file is converted, the worse the audio quality becomes. It is always better to go back to the original material on CD and compress it using the desired algorithm. Like I always say: jst sy no t lsy cmprsn.

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