• The danger associated with putting coins in your fish tank is dependant on the type of tank you are running (Salt or Fresh water) the coin itself and the species of fish in the tank. For fresh water systems, placing a few silver coins in the tank will not hurt the fish but stay away from pennies and anything else that will corrode in oxigenated water. I have seen more than one hand made aquarium ornamental structure fall apart because it was held together with mild steel bolts. In anycase, your regular tank maintenance to remove nitrates (by changing the water) will ensure that any metals dissolved will remain low in concentration. For Salt water systems, the answer is "No, Coins are not acceptable additions to the aquarium and it will harm your fish."
  • actually heavy metals such as silver, copper, and other alloys can be dangerous to your fish. Aquariums at least successful ones with happy fish are ones that run balanced and smoothly and while 1 coin may not hurt, I would strongly suggest that you use plastic coins to simulate whatever it is that you are trying to portray.
  • Yes it will seriously cause damage to your fish, especially if they are the fish that live in water. keep clear of 50 pence pieces as the fish will automatically assume that it is food and will consume it whole. the fish will then have 'Heavy Belly Syndrome' and will sink to the bottom of the fish tank. GoodDay, remember, coins are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • my 4 year old son put coins in his fish tank and they were dead the next day.
  • yes, because fishes are the most sensitive creature and can be dead by a minor mistake. so don't do that, with cute lovely fishes. :)

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