• Pop shove-it is a skateboarding trick that blends the ollie and shove-it. A pop shove-it starts like an ollie: the skateboarder jumps up and kicks the tail down in order to get the board airborne but then also pushes the tail of the board to its side in order to get the board spinning. The rest of the trick is like in a normal shove-it. During a pop shove-it the board gets higher in the air than during a normal shove-it and thus it can be performed while jumping over obstacles.Varial Kickflip, Varial Heelfip, and 360 Flip are all common tricks combined with the pop shove-it. Pop-Shove-It-Nose Stall Come up as you would for a nose stall and then do a pop-shove-it. It depends on how high your target is to know where to pop. When you nose is over the ledge move you front foot down hoping to catch it. This trick looks really really cool and if you know how to do your pop-shove-its this trick is also quite easy. See the video

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