• The term "rash" does not refer to a specific condition. Rash is a general term the public uses to refer to bumps, scaly or red patches on the skin. However, there are various types of rashes that are able to be categorized using medical terminology.

    Atopic Dermatitis

    Atopic dermatitis is an itchy and scaly patch on the skin, and is the most common form of eczema. This condition is most often hereditary and not caused by infection. This form of a rash can be made worse by cold and dry air.

    Contact Dermatitis

    Contact dermatitis is a rash that is brought on by something irritating the skin, or could be caused by an allergic reaction. Most common examples are rashes from poison ivy, costume jewelry or excessive washing.

    Fungal or Bacterial

    Fungal and bacterial rashes are obtained through an infection. This type of rash usually appears as red spots with raised edges. Ringworm is the commonly found fungal skin infection and impetigo is the most common bacterial infection. Both types of rashes are treated with a topical cream.

    Viral Rash

    The most common viral rashes are shingles and chicken pox. These types of rashes are red, itchy bumps found all over the body.


    Hives are a form of rash that appear as red and itchy welts, most often localized on the body. It is often not known why they appear and disappear.

    Source: Rash 101: Introduction to Common Skin Rashes

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