• No, you do not need an N adapter to connect to a wireless N router. Wireless N routers are compatible with G adapters as well, but you will not get the same speed level as you would with a wireless N adapter.

    Source: Backwards Compatibility

  • I dont know about networking but still i wanna share my view on this as i experienced or littlebit info about it. I already have a wireless g linksys router(wrt54g2) and i have a wireless g usb adapter(belkin). but if i can get increased internet connection performance while playing online games with a wireless N adapter, could i get a wireless N adapter? first, would it be compatible with a wireless g router? and second, if so, would i most likely see better performance with internet connection while playing multiplayer games? or would it not be worth it if i dont also have a wireless N router as well? For more info visit:

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