• Uniform. A child has to be given the message of equality, uniformity, sense of belonging and a sense of pride in his/her school. Also if would help reduce peer pressure and feelings of jealousy for more affluent classmates if all were to wear the uniform.
  • One of many reasons given to wear a school uniform, is to provide a sense of belonging to an Educational establishment. This may be correct, however it must be understood that a student must first feel part of that establishment in the first place. If they do, then I would suspect that the student would wish to display the fact by wearing a uniform. Many parents/guardians talk about the cost of such uniforms. Have they compaired over a period of one year the cost of a uniform to the cost of of normal clothes that a student may wear to school.
  • For - More focus on education. Less on fashion, brand names, status, etc.
  • Yes , I'm for it. It puts everyone on equal ground, so to speak.
  • I went to a school with uniforms, and it wasn't so bad. The first friday of every month we were allowed to wear regular clothes though.
  • I always wanted to have uniforms when I was in school. Just like, a uniform polo and jeans. That way I wouldn't have to think about what to wear in the mornings.
  • I'm 50/50. In one sence, it takes away from having to pick out an outfit every morning. Also it takes away from people having the "Cool" clothes and stuff. At the same time, I believe that clothes are a way of expressing ones self. Clothes help make you an individual, not just a number. Not just "A" kid, but little Suzie or little James. I am totally on the fence about this one.
  • Very much FOR uniforms. It takes a lot of pressure off of the children and the parents. You know what you must wear and there is no discrimination on the less affluent children once the pressure for expensive fashionable clothes is taken out of the equation. I also believe that it helps to give everyone a sense of belonging to a community. You can also tell which school, badly behaved students attend
  • Definitely for...I would have loved having one when I was a kid because I was the nerdy kid whose mother didn't believe in children wearing "dungarees" to school. I experienced the joy of double-knit polyester pants -- certainly didn't help my nerd image!
  • Yikes! I am *very* torn on this issue. As an adult and former teacher, I see school uniforms as a useful tool in dampening some of the status-warring that goes on among children (not that adults are much better...;-P...). Furthermore, given the proliferation of gangs in many urban high schools, wearing uniforms may help obviate the issue of "showing colors" by certain students. On the other hand, uniforms have a fascistic militaristic damp-out-individuality overtone to them. And I know if I had been required to wear them when I went to school, I would have absolutely *HATED* it. In the end, I think school uniforms are treating a symptom, not the disease. We shouldn't depend on clothing to instill better moral principles in our children. If child A's parents can't afford the hippest fashions, child A should be taught that this fact in no way diminishes his/her worth and that child B's taunts are a symptom of insecurity and dumb thinking. Thanks for the question. It made me rethink this issue. Sparks 'That's Not Nastassia' lyrics (Ron & Russell Mael) Man, there's never been a girl like this That's not Nastassia What an influential little miss That's not Nastassia Imitation is a form of flattery, I'm told She is getting flattered where it's hot and where it's cold That's not Nastassia That's not Nastassia That's not Nastassia She is on the news again tonight That's not Nastassia Someone looking like her stole a bike That's not Nastassia Maby it's a fad, a sort of modern Hula Hoop Still, it's of their own free will, no one has been duped That's not Nastassia, etc What a sense of power to have sway around the world What a sense of power to control a billion girls Change your hair style, they change theirs Change your nail style, they change theirs That's not Nastassia Presidental wives and topless maids That's not Nastassia More or less identically the same That's not Nastassia If I wasn't masculine, I would join the craze Dye my hair and take on those Nastassianic ways That's not Nastassia That's not Nastassia That's not Nastassia That's Nastassia That's not Nastassia That's Nastassia Now she wants some anonymity That's not Nastassia And all the rest want anonymity That's not Nastassia She should just forget it, it's a carbon copy world When she starts to fade away, everyone will fade
  • Against, students don't need to look like the brainwashed army they're becoming.
  • Uniforms are nothing more than an attempt to make everyone be the same. I thought we were a nation that believed in individualism.
  • Which country do you mean? I think it's bad at school because it's mandatory in many countries. At work, you have to accept it or can leave searching for another work so it's up to the employer. Worst are for live-in domestic workers, they have to always be in uniform. I have talked to some people who worked as live-in maid/nanny girls when they were young girls in their late teens/early 20's and one of the things they disliked the most were the uniforms (like white blouses and black skirts, white aprons and black high-healed shoes) the employers required the girls to wear.
  • AGAINST!!!! We are going too far for uniformity already. We banned certain schoolyard games because they "discriminate" against those that are unable to run fast or those with slow reflexes and/or poor coordination compared to their more athletic classmates. Our academics already run too slow for those (like me) of above average intellect and thus lead to many kids unable to reach their potential because the curriculum is dumbed down to accommodate dyslexic children with an IQ of 85. If you want school uniforms then lobotomize our young. Cripple the fast and the agile. Execute the truly superior. Of course, if we are all the same then that is like Communism. Oddly, those Conservative enough to want all of us to be the same cry, bitch, and moan whenever we apply that equality to the thickness of our wallets....
  • I can see both sides. For a short time in my childhood, my mother pulled me out of public school and put me in a parochial school instead, hoping that a Christian student body wouldn't bully and harass me as had been happening at public school. It didn't work. Kids are kids. I got picked on even more for being the only non-Catholic in my class. And while wearing a uniform did give me a sense of pride and belonging, just as my Girl Scout uniform also did, uniforms are not effective in blurring the line between the haves and the have-nots. You can still tell the rich kids from the poor kids. The rich kids have nicer shoes, while mine were shabby and full of holes. The rich kids have professionally done hair cuts, while mine were butcher jobs done at home. And the size of the crayon box was still a dead giveaway. I had an 8-count in a class full of 64-counts. So no, for me, uniforms did not solve the problem of bullying and peer pressure and inequality. Dress codes are another story. If I were creating one, I'd say no sagging--clothes must fit properly. Anything with belt loops should be accompanied by a belt. Clothes must be clean and in good repair, all buttons, zippers, and other fasteners in place, and no holes or rips. Underwear must be worn, and young ladies past puberty must wear a bra. Clothes must cover the appropriate body parts. No minis, crop tops, or shorts. Socks or stockings, and sensible shoes--no stilletos, flip flops, etc. Plain t-shirts only, no wording or logos, in order to minimize controversy. And I can see restricting the code to a handful of colors, to create a school identity but still allow for freedom of expression. Boy, I'm a prude, aren't I?
  • I would agree...only if the girls had to wear pants like the boys. no skirts.
  • Whoever thought wearing a navy jacket with brown and white stripes should be pushed down a well somewhere!
  • I wouldn't protest mandatory catholic schoolgirl uniforms, on a national level.

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