• Wireless Internet continues to gain popularity. Wireless Internet allows users to connect anywhere as long as they have a laptop and a wireless card. Businesses have added wireless Internet connections to offices for employees who travel and need access to the corporate network without stringing a cable to the machine.


    Slow wireless connections interfere with the speed at which web pages load. This causes frustration for the user. Slow wireless connections also interfere with applications such as games.


    The speed of a wireless connection is dependent on the service chosen. Wireless Internet connections are between 384 Kbps to 2.0 Mbps. At least 1.0 Mbps is recommended for people who require large data communication and transmissions.


    Wireless connections only require a wireless hub installed on the network. Some restaurants, hotels and coffee shops offer wireless Internet as a convenience for customers.


    Fast wireless connections allow users to browse the Internet and receive important information while working remotely. The effects have given people more communication options when traveling.


    Wireless Internet connections need to be encrypted. If the connection is not encrypted, the data communication leads to stealing information. Hackers are able to read the data packets as plain text if no encryption is implemented.


    Wireless Bandwidth

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