• Somebody needs a hug?
  • I don't see that there is anything arbitrary about life, but I view it from a spiritual perspective. I suspect yours comes from a more academic standpoint. Correct me if I'm wrong about that. Is everything truly repetitive, or is it cyclical and rhythmical? There is a rhythm to everything that continually seeks out balance; everything needs to interlock so that it can run as it should. Even our Circadian impulses depend on balance in order to keep us healthy. This doesn't merely apply to biology or physiology. It works in sociology, too. In fact, most philosophical views depend on it, as it is the inescapable undercurrent that wends it's way through every philosophical discussion anyone has ever had. Even Archimedes acknowledged it, ironically (or not ironically, if you're familiar with how mathematics is integral in humanity). I happen to see a great beauty in it, as it is one commonality throughout mankind that defines us, ultimately, as human. +5
  • That pretty much sums it up exactly. +5
  • It really depends on where you live and whether or not you like/fit in with the social code of conducts the people their follow. Move to another country that's more to your liking and life style. I spent a great deal of time in China when the US was getting on my nerves best thing I ever did being somewhere with a better culture was the vacation I needed. +3
  • In life there are experiences outside of the daily cycle that make us think and that make us individuals. I guess I can't explain it all here, but life just isn't a routine, pointless cycle. There are lessons to learn and experiences to have far deeper than mundane routines.
  • Yes, you're right, life seems nothing more than waddling through an ocean of shit. But my father used to tell me that in said ocean of shit, there's a flower made of crystal that's worth fighting for and picking...or to let live. If you pick it, you just feed the cycle. But to leave it be, and then continue to waddle through the shit creates the memories, good times and all that corny crap which may define your existence a lot more than the otherwise blood sucking scheme it seems to be ruled by. Yeah I dunno, just hope you get a high paying job sometime?
  • Ouch, had a bad day? Nothing in my life is arbitrary, and lately it certainly isn't repetitive. Find some meaning, you need a little.
  • Sounds like someone is in a rut - you may trying reaching outside your comfort zone to change your perspective, or you may continue as is. +5
  • What more is life?, well life is filled with joy, happiness, laughter, smiles. It can be a learning experience in good and bad things, life is what you choose to make of it. People need the arbitrary repetitive rituals to see the mircles that are around us every day. (my opinion-)
  • Finding people to enjoy it with and make it fun and worthwhile. (((HUGS))) to you! :o)
  • Repetitive certainly but probably not arbitrary. Those rituals I think you mean have evolved into social contracts to signify important things to one another: you do this or that to show that you love someone or hate them, or that you're independent and no longer a child, or whatever. It's possible to get to where you feel trapped or just incredibly bored by the sameness and predictability of these rituals, in which case by all means invent your own versions. Just be prepared to have to explain your choices a bit more to the people you care about, if you want them to get the right message. The sole advantage of these rituals is that they have universal meaning - well, within their own culture anyway.
  • No, life is more than just sex.
  • sounds like a disease

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