• naaw whatever happens, happens haha
  • Thou shalt not shag.
  • thou shalt not discuss politics or religion
  • Thou shalt not spend the evening talking to her boobs!
  • yes look at her feet if they are dirty then so is her nickers
  • Don't eat food that is heavy on the garlic.
  • Thou shall not remove my knickers I shall not remove my knickers!
  • Thou shalt not mention her hot friend who you like better. Thou shalt not spend the whole time talking about yourself and shall listen to everything she says. Thou shalt take the opportunity to mention random things that make you a nice guy. Thou shalt tell her she looks gorgeous (even if she doesn't lol). There are many more, but I can't be bothered because I am going to go out tonight and get me a girl. =P (Although the absence of a wingman is going to be horrifying.)
  • 1. Thou shalt not leave flapping boogers in thy nose. 2. Thou shalt weareth clean underwear. 3. Thou shalt brusheth thy teeth. 4. Thou shalt not fondle in the first 15 minutes. 5. Thou shalt not stuff thy brazier with Kleenex. 6. Thou shalt not arrive drunken nor embibed. 7. Thou shalt say, "Pretty please" before kissing. 8. Thou shalt inspect thy condoms for pin-holes. 9. Thou shalt not standeth up thy awaiting date. 10. Thou shalt not fart audibly in the car.
  • ...only a couple....give it a chance and then roll with it..
  • What? You can have more than one?
  • no sex
  • The Ten Commandments for Men: The First Date I. Thou shalt confirm the day before Call your date. With this simple action you will confirm that she does, in fact, remember you. II. Thou shalt not try a new restaurant Here's why: Scenario #1: You're driving. A trickle of sweat flows down your back as your date asks for the third time, "You do know where you're going, don't you?" Scenario #2: You open your menus. She asks, "Are you sure you can afford this?" You realize you can't. Scenario #3: Neither of you ate because the food was awful. Now you're dealing with a woman with low blood sugar. III. Thou shalt have a relaxing day Don’t plan to close escrow or get your test results on the same day as your date. Let’s make it a stress-free day. Play basketball. Do a crossword puzzle. Take a nap. You don’t want to be rushing to get dressed. Statistics show it's the leading cause of shaving cuts. IV. Thou shalt call a trusted friend before the date You have mentally undressed her ten thousand times. Intelligent conversation over chips and salsa will be impossible. Calling a male companion ahead of time will be like taking a nice, cold shower for your brain. If that doesn't work, take a nice, cold shower. V. Thou shalt let your date choose the mode of transportation You have a new car. You are proud. You want to pick her up. That's understandable. She was stalked by an ex. She is afraid. She has a can of mace. That's also understandable. Avoid complications. Let her meet you there. VI. Thou shalt be respectful Your date may be a little nervous. She may have sweaty hands, need to use the bathroom every few minutes, lose her appetite, chatter about stupid things, or become really quiet. The point is, if she has broccoli in her teeth, you probably do, too. VII. Thou shalt exit gracefully You and your date have no chemistry AT ALL. What do you do? What a relief to realize this now and not after she's best friends with your mom. Right now, you’re locked into an evening with someone you’re beginning to hate. Get a reality check. Excuse yourself for a few quick minutes and call your Trusted Friend (see above). The conversation with your friend might go something like this: You: Is it rude of her to keep looking at her watch and sighing and telling me that she’s bored? Trusted Friend: Yeah, that’s really rude, man. Can you make it through this date or would you rather drink poison? If suicide feels like an alternative, it’s time to stop. But how? The honest approach: You: I’m getting the feeling that we’re just not a good match. Would you mind too terribly if we call it a night? Whoa. Can you be that honest? Use your best judgment. If the above doesn’t feel right for you, try this instead: You: I’m not feeling very well. I think I’m going to be sick. VIII. Thou shalt not have more than two drinks Some guys drink because they’re afraid they’re not very interesting. Most women will correctly assume this applies to you. IX. Thou shalt pay You don't have to bear children. You make 30% more for the same work. You will never bleed monthly. This is the price you pay for being a man. Suck it up. X. Thou shalt not kiss After all you've been through, you sure could use a soft kiss once you're at her door, right? But wait: Do you like her? Don’t kiss her if you're not sure. That can create hurt, confusion, and chipped teeth. Give yourself (and her) time to figure it out. That’s what second dates are for.
  • Thou shalt dress the same as in thy profile picture.
  • Thou shall keep eyes above chin level. Thou stand together in a distance that could be measured in feet, not inches. Thou shall listen whenever the lady speaks without interrupting, even if she interrupted your thought. Thou shall never speak of a second date until the first had met its completion. Thou shall keep electronic communication devices off and not on your person. And most iportantly, thou musn't ever reveal their AnswerBag name -- EVER!!!!
  • Show up....;-D... . . .
  • Both bring money. Awkward if you don't hit it off and one of you is still paying. She will probably ask if she can chip in. It's okay to say no. If she drops it, it's dropped. If she asks if she can do the tip, let her, it's probably important to her that it's not you paying for everything. Be clean. My hair looks better the second day after I wash it, it's excusable to have not showered that morning or whatever, but don't be dirty, don't be smelly. Don't go in expecting anything. Don't even expect a kiss good night.
  • #22222)do not mess up any of the commandments
  • yes, the woman must have at least a c cup and the woman must be a woman. That is all
  • Take along a box of condoms, a toothbrush, and a spare set of underwear.  
  • Thou shalt not drink too much.
  • tho shall not bring commandments to a date .
  • Not many. 1) Thou shalt have condoms at the ready. 2) Thou shalt not shy away from any tactic leading into the panties. 3) Thou shalt NOT call the ditz, unless the sex was mind-blowing. Then the sex should continue for no more than half a fortnight (that's a week).
  • No dating. +5

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