• You can sink an aircraft carrier. With two more aircraft carriers.
  • I think aircraft carriers and all ships are easy targets for enemy jets with smart long distance bombs (they come in from miles away). This is why there are no more big battles at sea (like in WWII).
  • I dunno, I'm not sure they can really sink unless you fill it with SO MANY holes that you can't even call it a destroyed aircraft carrier, just scrap metal :P I mean, you can damage them beyond use, that's not so hard, but actually 'sinking' a modern one, I'm not sure you really could without actually getting inside and blowing holes at key points (like, a planned demolition kinda thing)
  • Of course you can sink an aircraft carrier. They haven't built the ship yet that cannot be sunk. Multiple torpeodo hits would probably be the easiest way to do it. You have to remember that the aircraft carrier is basically a fuel and ammo supply dump for 80-something planes. All you need is a couple explosions and that thing will blow to kingdom come. The Chinese know this. That's why they are investing heavily in subs and anti-ship missiles. When they attack Taiwan, they know we'll send carriers and they will do everything they can to knock 'em out. I'm pretty sure they can do it too, since it's all a numbers game. You can buy a lot more anti-ship missiles than you can aircraft carriers for how much a modern aircraft carrier costs to build.
  • While in the Navy I was told the enemy never sunk any of the USA's aircraft carriers. Those lost were so heavily damaged they had to be scuddled to keep them from falling into enemy hands. Also during the nuclear tests done in the Pacific Marshall Island tests in the 1950's they used a WWII aircraft carrier as the target for an airburst dropped bomb. Even with all the doors and hatches open the carrier had to later be sunk by conventional methods as it became a hazzard to shipping.
  • like all ships : TORPEDO THE HELL OUT OF IT
  • it is difficult to sink a large modern day aircraft carrier but it is possible. aircraft carriers carry large amounts of fuel and bombs so target either the fuel(usualy carried below the water) or the bombs(usualy below the flight deck) idealy a sub would be the best choice but aircraft can get the job done also.
  • It would be very hard or next to impossible. The modern carrier has protection from it's own ordnance exploding much more than in the past. I would say it would probably take the whole navy of a large country to try and with all the aircraft and defense systems on the carrier itself plus the ships that protect it nothing would even get close. Even a large nuclear weapon would probably just damage it but kill all the people abroad. So I would think the only way would be to use a nuclear mine. That would blow up in the water, the gigantic shock wave would break the carrier in half and it would sink. Does any country even have this device? Maybe Russia would and it would be easily found by mine sweepers which work in any area the carrier group would be going to. Maybe a nuclear tipped Excocet/Harpoon type missile would work if any ship or aircraft could get close enough to it to launch. Does any country have one in their arsenal?
  • Of course it is. Just blow a large enough hole in its hull.

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