• I hope not!
  • Probably. +5
  • Nope. It will always be accomplished by criminals via "murder".
  • I hope so.... however, I don't think it will ever be abolished there. People just seem to enjoy killing too much to want to stop it. To me, a death is always a bad thing. It doesn't matter what the person did in life, I still don't wish death upon them. I don't understand how someone could be so sick as to wish death upon another human being.... to me, that puts people on the same level as the criminals themselves.
  • probably eventually. I think it should be.
  • I dont know, Im torn on this issue. Sometimes when you hear or a child or a women being tortured, raped, and thrown away like trash, my gut reaction is go ahead. Do it. I think if it is a cut and dry case of Murder and the person is caught red handed or he says guilty and its a case of unspeakable acts well... I do think it is wrong that these people live for years and years on death row before their # is up. Some of them live longer then they let their victims live. I try to think what I would feel if one of my family members had been the victim. Id want Justice for them or just let my at them for one hour. They might just want the death penalty.
  • Yes, capital punishment just abolish in america. It's always been that way and that's the way that it will in all probability stay
  • I hope not. In fact the number of offenses punishable by it should be increased, e.g. multiple violent crimes of any sort.
  • Oh, God....I HATE this issue. The human side of me is SO strong. I want every person convicted of a heinous crime to have it perpetrated on them. If they, die.....oh, well! That's what happened to their victims, so it fits the crime. By it's definition, that IS justice. If I were being totally honest, I would say that I agree with it. Until DNA and the US justice system really DOES follow what it claims, which is that a person is innocent until proven guilty, then the real tragedy isn't JUST the victims. It's also those who suffered and died by our hands who plead with us thier innocence. Try as we might, that blood will never wash off our hands. We killed that person. End of story. What do we tell the family? "Sorry" just doesn't cut it. Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason. We are Human, and as such, we are fallible. We are prone to mistakes. Morally, we are also charged with the equally burdensome task of separating the guilty from the innocent. It is undeniably a heavy burden, and not an enviable one. Until that day comes when we can be sure that we have the person who indeed commited the crime, I don't see how we CAN use the death penalty, without also compromising what we proudly proclaim to stand for. +5
  • I suspect this will only happen if Christianity takes a nose dive in popularity. Far too many people still think along the lines of.... an eye for an eye.
  • Yes. After folks stop killing folks.
  • For the record, just to answer my own question here: I embrace the death penalty - what more effective a deterrent could one possibly imagine? - and I think we should follow America's example and reinstate it here in the UK. Sadly, this proposition is now far beyond consideration, let alone application. Oh, for shame...

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