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  • NO TEETH! Whatever you do, enjoy it as you're doing it. If you don't get a kick out of performing oral sex on him, I mean really enjoy it, then you really should not bother. That vibe that says she's doing it only to make you happy really kills the feeling. That aside, eye contact during the act is always good as is swallowing at the end.
  • No teeth is definatly a plus, but don't act like its gonna hurt you, don't just stay at the head, some of my friends told me they like that when we we're having our guy conversations and I didn't say nothing, but just verly sticking my dick in your mouth does nothing for me...
  • You must enjoy it or at least act like you are for a great one. Eye contact is an awesome thing too. Of course, no teeth. Keep it wet. Deepthroat is really nice. Play with and lick the balls along with the rod. I really enjoy her rubbing my balls while she sucks. The best part is finishing with her lips around the head (or deeper) until i stop convulsing from pleasure. Swallowing is great but if she doesn't, that's ok too.
  • Wet, sloppy and Swallow.
  • Lots of tongue, a hand sliding up and down below the lips, and a finger or two in my ass. If it feels good, I won't object to much.
  • While you are blowing him, stick your finger up his ass. try to find his prostrate. touch it while you are bowing him. he'll go wild for you and never let you go.
  • Deep throat for me is always good. Getting a good gag out of my wife is usually a huge turn on for me. As far as physical pleasure I have her stick her tongue out all the way. As my penis goes in and out of her mouth I have her press her tongue up against the bottom of my penis as her upper lips press down on the top. The deeper she goes down the better as I can feel the texture of your tongue on my cock. As she has gotten better she can now mover her tongue around and give pressure at the same time. If she can go with out gagging she sticks her tongue out all the way and takes my cock so far in that she can lick my balls with her tongue. I admit it took her practice but It feels so good I'm sure my neighbors can tell my wife works the cock better than anyone else on the block.
  • A friend of mine told me about this site that offers a step by step guide to giving the best oral sex to your guy. You can check it out here: It is well worth it. I had no idea there were so many things you could do to give your guy the best oral of his life!

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