• Curry.
    • Linda Joy
      what are some of your favorite curry recipes? I know it's nice and hot, but I haven't used it much. I usually go for the red pepper jalapenos and habaneros
  • probably something hot
    • Linda Joy
      yeah like what?
  • When the weather turns chilly, ain't nothing better than homemade chilli!
    • Linda Joy
      oh yeah! And better the longer it simmers.
  • I best like the same foods that I liked best before it turns cold outside. I BBQ all year round.
    • Linda Joy
      maybe that's because it's cold all year round where you live.
  • A soup I make from scratch. Base veg. broth. Most important ingredient. It must be flavorful or the soup will be too bland. Then I put in fresh brocoli, carrots. I put in white kidney beans for protein and lastly brown rice for heartiness. Lastly season it with garlic, onion oregano, pinch of basil. Cayenne pepper to taste.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you vegetarian? I make a good vegetable soup from scratch, too. But it's never complete without cornbread.
    • mugwort
      I shop at a vegan friendly coop. Not a member. Its open to public. Like to know your ingredients if you care to share.
    • Linda Joy
      I go with what's cheap. I almost always have Potatos, carrots and onions on hand. I usually have dry beans. Either pintos, black beans, or lentils. I like celery if it's reasonable. Gotta have some heat. Either jalapenos, habaneros or red pepper, garlic. Any leftover veggies that need used, cabbage, tomato just whatever. I'm not vegetarian per se, so could have scraps of meat as well. If I'm cooking for a large group I might even open some canned vegetables and throw those in. And cornbread, of course!
    • mugwort
      A frugal cook with inexpensive but delicious and nutriciouls vegs.
  • Good chili.
    • Linda Joy
      Mmmmm better the second day, too!
  • Yellow squash soup, beets, nuts, hot tea, spicy omelettes, rare steak to name a few
  • Porridge and whisky.
    • Linda Joy
      Both made from a variety of grain products! Which grains do you use?
    • Lilo Avli
      I just open the sachet of porridge and unscrew the cap on the whisky.
  • Some days need oven to keep warmer. I then have meatloaf.
    • Linda Joy
      I could never make a really good meatloaf!
    • breton
      I fail at this sometimes. Will fall apart.
  • Pizza
    • Linda Joy
      Pizzas good! What do you like on it?
    • Mircat
      I generally love an all veggie pizza
  • Whisky and porridge.
    • Lilo Avli
      We could be sisters, and on the palms of hands, have identical blisters.
    • simonjhollands
      Like, totally, girlfriend !!

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