• Can anyone say Patriot Act?
  • Destroying or destroyed?
  • it is destroying our way of life...or at least future lives
  • soldiers don't learn alot, they just get paid because their young kids, older folks don't even have liberties, if you can't join the army, what else would be a quick easy job? It only hides lost liberties, and masks that war is a liberty.
  • Not only ours.
  • Wrong verb tense. Substitute "has destroyed"....:-P... Any country where a person INNOCENT OF ANY CRIME can be arrested, shipped to Syria for torturing, then dumped on a street in Albania, and have NO ONE held accountable for the travesty is a police state, utterly dependent upon the good intentions of its officials.
  • The terrorist won already. We have compromised our liberty, destroyed our remaining privacy, inhibited our travel, caused us to attack each other, squandered trillions of dollars chasing bad guys... Yes, the "war on terror" has done what our enemies could never have done on their own.
  • No it is taking the liberty to invade other countries.
  • Taking my shoes off at the airport, having my sister in law detained at the airport because she's donated to, knowing that the courts are stacked with conservative judges who rubber stamp bad prosecution cases and throw just anyone in jail and all that other stuff does not make me feel safer. Just really pissed off.
  • Yes ! Terroresim is cancer on the world removing the cancer will hurt !
  • Having been on the receiving end of the FBI's harassment for not worshipping George W. Bu$h, ... WHAT liberties?
  • The real terrorists are the Naysayer Destroyers who pass themselves off as patriots when in fact they are the worst kind of enemy...they feed on themselves and they don't even realize it. :(
  • yes it is .Anti terrorism laws are abused by the government to bring in all kinds of other bye laws to suppress the people
  • It is insidiously putting in place the means and authority to take them when the time comes.
  • Pritty Much! Mission accomplished!
  • Hacking them all to hell. Who knows how much information they have on individuals? I have no idea what to do about it.
  • Beyond any doubt they certainly have. Our paranoid fear of the Terrorist bogyman has created a system where we Americans are spied on like those in China and other dictatorships. We gave up our freedoms to appease the paranoid delusions of our simple minded brothers and sisters.....I wont name names here - but by their questions here you can easily pick them out yourself.

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