• Burn away friend. I find it very calming, just as long as your intents aren't malicious...
  • I would say it is not a "normal" way of dealing with stress. Unfortunately it could get much worse as you could burn bigger and better things such as homes, forests etc. Pyromania is a strong need to set things on fire. It is all about the pleasure it gives to see what other people have to do to extinguish the fire and the pyromaniac may enjoy reading about the effects of his/her activities. I would get some help ASAP for this problem
  • I suppose if you burn things safely, it won't harm anyone. An open fire is something everyone finds relaxing to watch and would be ideal for you to burn things in! Some people go fishing to help them relax, or look at an aquarium. Both water and fire can be calming.
  • oh, I wouldn't inhale the smoke, thats not good for youre lungs! but as long as you are cearfull:)
  • Pyromanica.....ever heard this word? It means the uncontrollable urge to start fires. This is a serious problem. first, its just papers, next its your neighbors garage and so on. You require psychological attention and very soon. The key here receive gratification from starting fires. See someone, now.
  • i suppose watching a flame CAN make you relaxed. As long as its not a bonfire or something dangerous!
  • I don't think that just burning paper is problematic, but the desire to burn things and fascination can often be symptoms of underlying problems. It can be a sign of past sexual or physical abuse, and if these are not dealt with, they can development into more problematic behaviors.
  • No, I don't think its normal. Its normal to light a fire in the fireplace & relax while watching it glow. A campfire is relaxing. Sometimes even burning trash can be relaxing. But to think you must calm yourself by burning something is not "normal" to me.
  • Well, so long as you're not burning down houses, you should be okay.
  • So long as you don't form a complete dependency on it then go for it..I can see how it would be reminiscent of a bond fire...and those are very relaxing. ^^
  • No one is "normal" there is no "normal" we are all individual human beings who have our own ways of dealing with things that others do not understand and thus judge unfairly. This doesn't have to be "pyromania" as some suggest. Burning papers to you could symbolize destroying something that you don't need or can't deal with right now. When Someone angers us we frequently burn their picture or their letters, etc. But we can't literally "burn" our feelings so we have to transfer our emotions to that piece of paper. Fire is also a very calming thing. It's Beautiful, It's natural, And it brings us warmth when we are cold. You shouldn't worry if this is normal. If you are having the urge to burn someones car, house, etc. than You need to get help, but other than that, I see absolutely no problem as long as you are careful.
  • PYROMANIA AND ARSON ARE DIFFERENT This could give you a warning if this sounds too much like you Pyromania is an intense obsession with fire, explosives, and their related effects. It is also an obsession with starting fires in an intentional fashion. An individual with pyromania is referred to as a pyromaniac or "pyro" for short. In colloquial English, the synonyms "firebug" and "firestarter" are sometimes used. Pyromaniacs are identified specifically as not having any other symptoms but obsession with fire causing their behavior. It is distinct from arson, and pyromaniacs are also distinct from those who start fires because of psychoses, for personal, monetary or political gain, or for acts of revenge. Pyromaniacs start fires to induce euphoria, and often tend to fixate on institutions of fire control: fire stations, firefighters, etc. DIAGNOSIS Pyromaniacs are known to have feelings of sadness and loneliness, followed by rage, which leads to the setting of fires as an outlet.[4]For a positive diagnosis, there must be purposeful setting of fire on at least two occasions. There is tension or arousal prior to the act, and gratification or relief when it is over. It is done for its own sake, and not for any other motivation. [5] In some cases it is all about the pleasure of seeing what other people have to do to extinguish the fire, and the pyromaniac may enjoy reading of the effects of what they have done. [4] Many arsonists claim that they just like to set fires for the sake of fires and the blaze of dancing flames. Many pyromaniacs feel a relief of stress in watching things burn or smolder, and the condition is fueled by the need to watch objects burn.
  • As long as you practice fire saftey and do not burn other peoples possesions I don't have a problem with it. *Smokey say: Only You can prevent forest fires!*
  • I would guess that the reason you are even asking the question is that you are uncomfortable at some level about your attachment to burning things. All the previous answers show insight....I would take them to heart. When in doubt......there is something not quite right going on on your subconscious. It is 'telling' you to question this behaviour.
  • no, thats not normal and neither is burning yourself on purpose, get some help
  • Yes, it's a problem. What do you do when you have an entire day go bad or someone breaks up with you or you get fired, do you stop in the middle of the street and build a bonfire? Dealing with stress is psychologically letting it go, deep breathing, a warm bath, yoga, music, a nap. It doesnt involve setting fire to something. Thats your way of trying to burn away upset and feel powerful over something when you feel not in control. Its also a form of communication instead of actually learning how to talk about your feelings with someone else. Call a friend and say you need to vent over coffee. Its basically like being a self-harmer. You have emotions that need to be verbalized or released in a healthy way instead the harmer cuts and you burn. Neither are healthy. Talk to a therapist and learn how to deal with anxiety in a heathy positive way. Good luck!

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