• No - most wars are fought for some sort of political gain.
  • no not all wars are, thats ost likely civil wars where countrys figh themselves, most wars are either over silly things like oil supply, or just to cause a war but some wars are by religious cnflicts such as the rein of hitler he hated jews, and sohe caused a war ...
  • All are fought because humans are morrons. +5
  • All wars are fought when men forget love and the power and teachings of Jesus. True Christians bless them who curse them and show the other cheek when someone slaps them - they also give their innner garment too when someone steals their outer one. Jesus used to love to debate with people on the steps - and communicate with them one on one. He does not fight with a sword Lucifer however, corrupts the word of the lord and puts ego and selfishness into us and tells us its kill or be killed. Only through Jess can you find the ture salvation - not through new agers who say you are fine as you are anyway etc..
  • no...the Vietnam war wasn't. +5
  • No, although many wars were fought using religion as an excuse.
  • Nope +4
  • Damn few are fought because of religious differences. The fact that anyone would believe this is true is proof that history is not being well taught in our schools.
  • No. Some are fought over greed, others over injustice.
  • If I owned Exxon and I was getting a lot of oil out of a foreign country, and really cheaply, too, I wouldn't want to have to stay out of it and give up my profits. If I were that rich, I'd make sure Congress kept control of that country. Would you walk away from billions of dollars and make us in America pay lots more for gas? And let that foreign country get very, very rich and make bombs so they could take over the US? Wars are always about money, power, and control. Throwing "religion" in makes it more palatable for the people who are asked to sacrifice. Or some other "morally good" 'reason' -- like freeing the slaves. Nope. The northern states didn't want the southerners to trade with England and cut them out of the financial loop. There are good reasons for wars. I don't want to lose our assets overseas or see other countries become more powerful than we are.
  • Most of the wars that I have studied usually involved the legitimacy over the ownership of certain lands. The wars over religious differences usually turned into never-ending civil wars. The defeated populace, who had another religion imposed upon them against their free will, would fight continuous insurgent skirmishes against the ruling government for centuries as was the case in Northern Ireland.
  • 3-7-2017 Usually nobody offers any reason for a war, other than the Kondratieff Wave: it is simply time for a war. It is significant that wars almost always start in summer, especially a warm summer. In fact, human history has been continuous war since Garden Of Eden days. About 12,000 years ago there was a population of about two million people in the Indus Valley, and they had no war, no preparation for defense at all. One day they all got up and went away, and the world has had continuous war ever since. It is rare for religion to be offered to justify a war. Here are actual (estimated) numbers:
  • No, there are many wars fought for different reasons, some actually good. The civil war was a war fought for freedom, some wars are fought for money, some for land and power. And there is also some on accident or misunderstanding, if you have been told someone is coming for you your gonna defend yourself even if there may be no real threat.
  • All wars are fought for 3 reasons, 1. Greed, 2. Politics, and 3. Land acquisition. Generally for a combination of all three. No war is fought for freedom. Freedom is the excuse given to keep armies in the field and to appease the general population making them believe it is freedom they are losing their sons and daughters.
  • Most wars in the past were fought for religious differences as well as for money and land expansion(expand an empire). Many are still fought today for those same motives. But in my opinion the modern motivation for war is Economic reasons. War is a cash cow, especially for those in the defense and military industries...Armies and governments first destabilize regions in order to steal resources, loot wealth and create their own (shadow) government that secretly follows the leaders who won the war/battle..((in a false proclamation of democracy))

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