• "From this subtle shift in the value of the Shekel, 5000 fish have been created, thus defying Socialist probabilities forthwith. And thus a prophet was made." David "Jesus" Copperfield, demonstration, Palestine, -5AD 4 witnesses
  • Jesus himself said it ... Render unto Caeser that which is Caeser's, and render unto God that which is God's ... God isn't too terribly concerned with our system of buying and selling, more so than he is with our spiritual condition ...
  • It requires some amazing mental agility. :)
  • Good luck to those who try....I wouldn't attempt it myself.
  • Christianity doesn't change capitalism, it changes the hearts of the capitalists.
  • Many already have especially these Mega churches that provide tickets to holiday services through ticket master.
  • The marriage of conservative economic philosophy and Christianity is a pretty recent (1980's) American political phenomenon, it has no real precedent in Christian history or parallel in other modern democracies. It was a cynical ploy by the Republican party to co-opt the Christian vote, or a cynical ploy by the fundamentalist Christians to grab power, depending on your interpretation of the history. So I think it goes without saying that someone who is both very conservative on economics and very fundamentalist on Christianity has managed to divide their mind into two hemispheres which simply don't talk to each other very much. That's something the human mind excels at, actually.
  • They can't. They just don't know it yet.
  • So who keeps downrating this question without answering it? That seems a bit cowardly, given that it is a sincere question?
  • Can you reconcile socialism with Christianity. As a matter of fact can any modern political idealism live up to the expectations of Jesus Christ?
  • It can't be done because Christinsanity is a fantasy while capitalism is just a theory that doesn't really work. Capitalism is sold to us as if we actually live with it, but we actually live in a manipulative system manipulated by "PEF's" Private equity firms that are leveraging our entire nation off to China who will also implode with us soon.. get ready for global famine folks.. it's coming.
  • i am tired of the very recent corruption of the term "capitalism". Today, everyone seems to think capitalism means banker, money, finance, etc. Capitalism is producing goods, using privately owned capital. And capital is NOT merely the banks and money. Capital really isn't money at all. Capital is Machines, Equipment, Tools, Buildings, and People - used to make Products, which are sold. The money is then used to buy MORE machines, tools, etc and to pay wages. If capitalism was Goldman Sachs and similar evil companies full of parasites who do nothing of value to society, then you could have a case against capitalism. But capitalism is not banks. Capitalism is what makes the world go round. America and Britain have forsaken capitalism and allowed , ironically, China to be the producer of goods, while the jewish bankers control our economy.
  • Doublethink.
  • People with multiple personalities, probably.
  • People with highly selective memory. +4

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