• No, they can't in the UK. It's illegal as far as I know.
  • I doubt they can here.
  • Nope, not in the states either. They are very strict about that. If you are a DR. here and you prescribe your friend something, you could be jepardizing your lisence not to mention the possibility of going to jail. Most of the time, Dr.s that work with other Dr.s help eachother, or they go to their own Dr. Nothing worse than having a Dr. for a patient. They always think they know more than you.
  • Not legal I suspect.
  • In europe a doctor needs to get a medicine from someone else, also immediate members of that doctors familly can not legally get prescriptions from that doctor.
  • Actually, it is legal, but not very prudent. I can prescribe a medication for what I think I have, but what if I'm wrong? (Doctors do occasionally make mistakes. :-) ) The same thing goes for family members. One situation where a doctor prescribing his/her own medication is very bad is the situation with controlled substances. Any doctor self-prescribing narcotics or benzodiazepines would get flagged by the regulatory organizations and investigated.

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