• maybe because they do things like this warning dont click links unless you dare to
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      Links are dead.
  • I don't know. Maybe WE'RE backwards and THEY'RE forwards. One of us could be sideways.
  • 1. Not all of Africa is backwards. There are places which are more advanced than the US. 2. Africa is a very diverse continent. It is very rich in resources. They haven't developed their potential. 3. The continent is HUGE. It will take time to develop it. 4. Maybe if there was more colonization happening it would develop faster. I don't think they want that though. 5. Droughts have caused problems in parts of Africa. 6. People have exploited Africa. Greed has been rampant. 7. The slave trade happened not that long ago, so not only resources have been stolen but people.
  • Well they have had a problem with civil war and ethnic cleaning. That doesn't help advancment.
  • You know the sadder part of this is, this is a rich resource nation, they should be well off, i would guess they just didnt progress as fast as the rest of the world, so people came in and plundered their resources and got slaves, this had to have set them back a long ways.
  • Most countries in Africa gained independence before they were ready for it due to which there was tribal culture and influence of religion and also there was Lack of effective leadership who were having lack of education and literacy skills. So, Africa is so backward.
  • You need to visit Africa yourself. Africa is quite different from that they show on media channels
  • 4-15-2017 It just occurred to me, and it may be totally wrong: Africa has few rivers. Europe has a lot of navigable rivers, forcing people to do business with each other. Africa has the Nile, and life has been good in Egypt, but that's the only river you ever hear of.
  • According to who? Just because cultures are different in different countries does not make them backward.
  • poorly educated

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