• Sometimes mixing a food they don't like with one that they do like works. Like putting peanut butter on an apple or adding a banana to cereal.
  • Chicken! It's almost universal. Of course this only works if she likes chicken to begin with, but the idea is to have chicken dishes in different styles. Because most types of cuisine have a variety of chicken dishes, I find it to be a helpful security blanket when exploring new food styles with timid friends. A good experience can lead to more boldness. Of course, if she doesn't want to try anything, you cannot get her to willingly cooperate. Good luck! +5
  • It is pretty normal. My daughter was like that and most of her friends. She didn't get better until about age 16. She lived on pasta, macaroni and cheese and chicken for many years. That is all she would eat. She did love fruit which helped on the healthy eating side.-
  • This is a hard one and I wish you luck. You could get an IV set up and tell her she's going to try the new foods by eating them or intraveniously. It's just an idea.
  • yuuuuhuuuu...try this,its simple yet working trick,take a jar,vessel put the stuff in it dat u want ur daughter to eat ,tel hr nt to touch,eat from curiosity will make hr eat dat :-p just DNT force hr to do anything, remember d way u used to behave wen u were of hr age,kids DNT do doz things dat u force 'em to do,do doz things dat u DNT want'em to do ..
  • HEY! You know my oldest daughter? :):):) Seriously, Daddy's Little Troublemaker used to be EXTREMELY limited in what she would eat. If it wasn't Stouffer's microwave macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, or french fries, it was nothing doing with her! It's a matter of patience and being firm. Depending on how head strong she is, you could just butt each other's heads over this...but that will cause lots of animosity. You need to work on your approach with the goal of changing her ATTITUDE toward different foods. People's tastes change as they grow. Daddy's Little Troublemaker was a cheese eating fiend when she was younger. But she doesn't like much cheese now. Troublemaker and I have had our moments...some of them heated. And though she still, at ten, has some things she will not try, she now is far more receptive to at least trying things. And it took a LONG time to get her to that stage. Sometimes the methods were head strong. Other times, much more sly. At a Wendy's one day, she threw a fit and didn't want to eat her chicken nuggets, just the fires. Her tactic then was to complain she was still hungry later and get food from another restaurant that she would rather have eaten because she didn't want to go to Wendy's in the first place. Mommy and the other two left to go shopping during that episode, and I sat there for the next hour while she argued about eating. At a nice restaurant one evening, Troublemaker just wanted french fries. Nothing else. I told her that was not an option. She could have fries, but she was going to eat it as part of a meal, not the main dish. Lip out, attitude on full afterburner, and Mommy didn't want to deal with it. So, after letting her stew for a while as the rest of us looked over the menu, I told her I was ordering a steak, because I hadn't had one in a long time. If she agreed to try some of my steak, in a reasonable tiny portion, then she could order her fries. If she changed her mind later and refused to try it (Daddy is familiar with Troublemaker's tactics), then she wouldn't get her fries because I'd eat them for her. This was a HUGE deal because she had NEVER eaten steak before, refused to even try it. But she agreed. One teeny-tiny bite of my steak and two thirds of my steak later I was FINALLY allowed to eat! That girl had discovered something NEW she liked! One day, we decided to eat at Smokeybones, a BBQ rib restaurant. At that time, my Goofy Little Boy was much the same way. He would only eat certain foods, and steak and ribs was NOT on that short list. So the kids got their chicken and hotdogs and my wife and I got ribs. Just when the food was coming out, our little girls HAD to go potty. So off to the bathroom I go with them...and as we were getting up, the waitress was bringing our food. When she set my ribs down across from my son, I looked him in the eyes and said "DON'T you eat my ribs while I'm gone!" When I came back with the girls, I had a plate full of bones and a laughing son. Of course, I was laughing inside, because I got him to eat something he would normally have not tried. I would say to know what the girl likes. Then get her to try things related to them that she should like based upon that. For example, Goofy Boy LOVES salt. But he wouldn't try any of the sauces at a Japanese restaruant we ate at. Then I explained to him that Soy Sauce is like liquid salt and put a couple drops on his plate for him to try. He stuck his finger in it and now I have a boy who LOVES Soy Sauce. And because I showed him something he really liked, he's a little more receptive to trying something else later on.
  • Make dinner, fix her plate, put it on the table, she eats it or doesn't, nothing else to eat today, off to bed, same routine for breakfast. A nephew stayed with me whose mom always made dinner, as well as "something for the child who only liked about three things." That didn't happen at my house. He ate what I cooked, or he didn't eat. When he went back home, mom was so pleased that he now was eating most everything. Don't support your child's supposed limited palate. We all have some things we don't like, but my guess is that you are just too indulgent.
  • Leave her alone! seriously i was like her and my parent insisted on, me eating everything... i hated food till i was 15-16 its been 5 yrs by now that i REALLY enjoy eating food
  • Are you the parent? This is a issue that should have been addressed years ago. Tell the child they must eat one spoonful, just to try. I know a man in his 50's who was a picky eater as a child, his mom let him be that way,he is still. To the point that if he orders a hamburger at a restaurant and it comes with a pickle on the plate he sends it back.
  • Either the 9 year eats what is put in front of her or she starves ... let hunger motivate her to reconsider what she will eat. "This is what this meal is, eat it or wait for the next meal, no other choice."

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