• I know how this would look on paper. To be honest, school was a long time ago for me. If you were to draw two lines like a cross, the horizontal line would be the x-axis and the vertical line is your y-axis. If you were to draw little marks along those lines spaced evenly apart along the horizontal and do the same for the vertical line, everything along the horizontal line to the right of where the two lines meet (x and y axis)are positive, and everything on the vertical line, (the y-axis),up from the horizontal line is positive. So, draw your first mark four spaces to the left of the y-axis on the x-axis. Draw the next mark three spaces up from the horizontal line on the y-axis. Now draw a straight line connecting the -4 to the 3. Hope this wasn't confusing.
  • It would be a single point at -1.
  • a straight, horizontal line with y-intercept of y= -1

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