• Yes. I've never understood the obsession. I think it's a personality disorder. On the other hand, I would balk before I employed someone with mistakes on his or her cv, so maybe I have double standards...
  • Those who do not know to proofread before posting cannot and should not call themselves "The Grammar Police". It makes we true sticklers look bad.
  • No? Why would I hate it when they make a mistake themself? It just shows how much of a hypocrite they are, so it's actually a good thing. Besides that.. I really don't mind grammar police all that much. It's actually pretty helpful because I want to know when I make a mistake so I correct it and not do it again. As long as they're not assholes about it, I really don't give a shit either way if they decide to take the time out of their life to worry about my grammar. Free education!
  • YES because they get really on me sometimes about a word
  • I just dont like them
  • When I see a post that is sloppy, riddled with misspelling and texting shortcuts I feel the writer is indicating a disrespect for their reader. Everyone makes mistakes when they write. If they didn't editors would be out of work. Small mistakes? They aren't worthy of mention but when an entire post looks like it was typed by an intelligent monkey I object and I often will mention it. Am I a grammar Nazi? No, but I do believe as a writer we owe it to our readers to at least attempt to write a readable post.
  • Grammar police rock. Keeping people on their toes and spreading a little education is a good thing. If poor language skills were not so widespread it wouldn't matter but our language is dying and I'm all for those who prop it up. Pedants who pick on up teeny mistakes or typos in threads that are not about language are pushing it maybe but don't forget that this often only comes about when people dislike what's been written, which is a whole different ballgame. Generally though ..... long live the grammar police!
  • none of us are above learning some new sh*t
  • I think there is a difference between being the "grammar police" and commenting on a post that is almost unintelligible, particularly when they use leet.
  • When you catch them doing that, let them have it!!
  • Haha no, I don't hate it but the prospect of being that person does deter me from policing other people's grammar regardless of how much it annoys me.
  • There is a big difference in making a "mistake" and unintelligible writing. I don't always mention it, but sumtms u j hv 2 lol rofl lol lol lol. Whoever thought up such as lol should be shot.

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