• New Jersey what?
  • because we the best!! nj stand up!
  • Probably because the mafia trashed it so badly. That was where they dumped all the paints and chemicals that they "cleaned up."
  • They are the armpit of America. If you have ever been to Camden, NJ there is little else the rest of the state can do to make up for it. Kind of like no one ever remembers all the good things a rapist did.
  • Because old Jersey and all the cows are jealous. We had the name first. Who are these damned Yanks? Trying to steal our name, and make us look bad, and trade on our reputation. They can kiss our creamy udders. Hmph!
  • Frankly I love New makes a great dumping ground for my state - New York. Just kidding! The Garden state isn't all that's not all that good either - but it isn't all bad.
  • Because they forced "big hair rock" on us back in the 80's. Some of us are still bitter.
  • I didn't know I was supposed to care. From my vast trove of ignorance I've heard they had / have a reputation of corrupt government, had / have a reputation of industrial run down municipalities, I believe they are the most population dense state. Very little first person knowledge -- been through a couple of times -- what I saw I liked. Never got to hate.

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