• It is likely you are hungry because you are growing. When you grow, you should consume things that give you a lot of nutrition and energy. If you are eating unhealthy things, you could always exercise to get rid of the fat, but that won't necessarily be as good as eating properly in the first place (fruits, veggies, PROTEIN), and then exercising.
  • You might have an eating disorder.
  • It's probably because you are growing. You might also have a fast metabolism. Luckily, since you already know that you'll be hungry, you can prepare in advance so that the school vending machine won't look so tempting. Bring lots of healthy snacks to school with you. Peanut butter with apple or banana slices is very filling. You can also bring nuts and raisins to munch on.
  • Exercise. Making that a norm in your life now will pay dividends later when your metabolism changes and keeping weight off is suddenly much harder to do. . Most of the unhealthy things we eat aren't all that unhealthy. It's just that your body gets far more fat/sugar/starch than it needs, which it then stores as body fat.
  • Drink more water. Water fills you up so you won't feel so hungry.
  • maybe you got a fast metabolism, get it checked out

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